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Main Factors That Can Affect Surrogate Compensation

It takes a noble person to offer herself in becoming a surrogate mother and present a chance for a couple to build their family. The gift of life that a surrogate mother facilitates to happen is a generous and remarkable deed. Additionally, it gives you a sense of fulfillment for helping a family. You will get paid for the time and effort you made but the joys of giving a family a chance to have their children cannot be replaced. The best part is that you have done a wonderful deed while you will also receive generous surrogate compensation.

You are likely curious about surrogacy and how you can help people to build their families. However, there is nothing wrong if you ask about how much surrogates get paid. It is not an unreasonable question since as a surrogate, you will be sacrificing a year of your life and efforts to carry a child to full-term. While surrogates can be selfless, it is also expected that there will be a surrogate compensation to be given in return for the time and energy you spent on this journey.

The amount of compensation that the surrogates will receive is dependent on various factors. The factors include the intended parents with who the surrogate aspirant will be working. The parents may usually have a budget set aside for the process. How much the intended parents will be paying may be dependent on the uniqueness of their situation.

This is why both the intended parents and the surrogate must work with a surrogate lawyer when they discuss surrogate compensation. The lawyers will mediate to ensure that all parties involved will reach a certain pay agreement that they are comfortable dealing with. A surrogate should work with a surrogacy agency and lawyer so that your interests will be secured. Those specialized experts will determine the best compensation and deal for you. The surrogacy compensation and benefits packages differ depending on certain factors.

Every surrogacy procedure is unique on its own as many components may impact the total compensation. The average surrogate compensation may range from $50,000 to $80,000. The cost may depend on the surrogate’s experience and other individual arrangements.

Three Factors Affecting The Total Surrogate Compensation

  1. The Base Compensation

If you are participating in commercial surrogacy, you are entitled to receive a base compensation of the surrogate pay. The amount taken for the base compensation depends on the policies that a surrogate agency implements, the budget of the intended parents, and the surrogate’s experience with surrogacy. For first-timers, the base pay is $25,000 while the money is being paid monthly during the surrogacy process. The payment begins when a physician has confirmed that a pregnancy has occurred.

  1. Expenses Related To Surrogacy

When choosing to become a surrogate, you will be giving a year’s worth of your time and effort. You are not required to give anything financially to cover the finances of the procedure. The compensation includes the expenses that will be paid during the process.

The surrogacy-related costs may come from screening, medical check-ups, legal expenses, and many others. In addition, you may receive a monthly allowance covering your pregnancy costs but this depends on what was agreed during the early stages of the negotiations. The surrogacy-related expenses will be determined and broken down during the drafting of the contract.

  1. The Surrogate’s Experience

The surrogate’s experience in surrogacy has an impact on the total compensation she will receive. Surrogates that have more experience have proven themselves to have the ability to carry a healthy and full-term pregnancy. They will get paid more compared to women who are only first-timers. If you work with a surrogate expert, they can share with you a more accurate breakdown of the estimate you may receive. They can give a proper estimate of how your past surrogacy experience can impact your total compensation. Additionally, they may also help you in determining the appropriate base compensation before matching you with the intended parents.

Aside from the base compensation, surrogacy expenses, and experience, another factor that may have an impact on the compensation might be the coverage of your lost wages that were incurred to meet the surrogacy appointments. No matter how much the estimated compensation can be, it is advisable to work with a reliable surrogacy agency to avoid the possibility of getting scammed.

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