ll be performing near you. 

The next year is going to be big for Tilian, a Los Angeles-based alt singer-songwriter, and producer. On top of releasing his new album this March with the help of openers Tillie and Moxy, he will also go on The Factory Reset Tour starting in early 2022 where they will travel across the United States performing more than 20 shows along the way.oing to be big for Tilian, a Los Angeles-based alt singer-songwriter, and producer.Click to Tweet

Tilian Tour 2021

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Tilian, an artist who has been on the scene since 2011 with his debut album “The Mess We Made” is back with a new tour announcement for 2021. He announced this in a tweet directed to fans which he says will be his last as an artist. The tour is called Factory Reset and tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at 10 am EST. Check out what Tilian had to say about it below.

He tweeted: “I’m so excited to announce my final tour, ‘Factory Reset’! I’ll be going around the U.S., Canada, and Europe ending in 2020.”  His tweet included a link to Ticketmaster where you can purchase your tickets now before they sell out! For more information stay tuned here or follow.

Tyler Joseph will be going on tour in support of his new album Factory Reset which was released earlier this year to strong sales. The Skeptic, Tyler’s previous release in 2018 debuted #1 upon Billboard’s Alternative New Artist chart and reached the top 5 spot for both Top New Artists as well as alternative artist charts overall.

Tilian ‘Factory Reset’ tour dates and schedules 2021

Tilian, who has been long-time friends with Porter Robinson and Madeon, is set to release his new album Factory Reset in 2021. To celebrate the anniversary of the album, Tilian will be touring across North America. The tour dates are listed below:

Tilian ‘Factory Reset’ tour setlist

Tilian has been touring with his new album, “Factory Reset” and it’s quite the hit. The album is a mix of rock, electro-pop, and EDM that are sure to keep fans entertained! With songs like “Fall Out Boy,” which features the lead singer from Fall Out Boy on vocals, there is no way you will be bored listening to this album! If you’re interested in checking out Tilian’s tour setlist below.

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Tilian Pearson Concert Setlists & Tour Dates

  • GONE.
  • Heartfelt.
  • Tug of War remix.
  • Hold On.
  • True.
  • Ghost.
  • Handsome Garbage.

Tilian ‘Factory Reset’ tour tickets

The post-rock, indie rock band Tilian has announced the release of th









eir new album Factory Reset and will be touring North America this summer. Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10 am Eastern Standard Time! Check out the full list of dates below for more information about when they’ll be performing near you. 

How much are Tilian tour tickets?

Tickets for TIlian’s shows are sold online. Purchasing tickets to his current tour will set you back around $80 per ticket.

However, at the time of writing, the tour is nearing completion. If the purchaser is desperate to see Tilian in concert, it may be wise to visit TicketMaster or Google “Tilians Live Show”, where there are usually some sites that have leftover tickets for purchase given that it is doubtful that a Stop Sell date has been posted on TicketMaster and other such sites due to the nature of their policies (people inevitably selling tickets after they found out they were unusable).

How to get Tilian tour t-shirts?

Amazon: Tilian ‘Tour’ T-shirts

Local shops: You can order a t-shirt from our site, you just have to email us and tell us the shirt size and which design you want. Availability for each design varies depending on demand after the tour starts. So please contact us before we start mailing orders out so we can include your size in the first shipment. Thanks.

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