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Bedtime should be the best time of the day. As the last section of the day, it is most important that the kids should have enjoyed it at their best to have a good night’s sleep. The children’s dreams are the result of the thoughts they have and the events that make an unpacked on their tiny minds. Therefore it is our responsibility to give our kids the best sleep time. One of the great ways to give our children the best end of the day is by reading good stories before putting them to sleep. It should be noted how we were told stories by our parents or grandparents and how interestingly we used to listen. It is thus tradition that must be followed to keep our kids happy during napping. Below are mentioned some best bedtime stories for your children:


The tale of Cinderella

Since our childhood Cinderella has been an all-time favourite fairy tale. I call it the queen of fairy tales. This story teaches about patience and reward for goodness. The tale of a young girl Ella who was named Cinderella by her stepsisters as she spent all of her time in cinders. The sisters envied her but tables turn when her fairy godmother changes her overall look and makes her a princess by magic. She finds her true love at a ball where she leaves one of her sandals in a hurry when the clock turns 12 o’clock. Her fairy godmother warns her that she will come into her original attire after midnight and she should return to her home before that. The prince finally finds her when her sandal fits her and she left her jealous stepmother and stepsisters. They lived happily ever after


The Rabbit and Tortoise Story

The story that gives the message that slow and steady wins the race is one of the favourite bedtime stories. It shows how a rabbit who was proud of his speed challenged a slow-moving tortoise to race with him. He fails to win the race when he sees the tortoise far behind him and sleeps thinking that the tortoise will take time to reach the final destination. The tortoise takes over him and wins the race while the hare remains sleeping.


Rip van winkle

The story is about a man called Rip Van Winkle who sleeps for 20 years after he drinks wine from some villagers. He wakes up after 20 years and finds a new world. He finds out another man by the name Rip Van Winkle came to be his son. He meets his daughter and finds out that his wife died a few years back. The villagers tell him that those people who offered him a drink were the ghosts of some ship that drowned years ago and that they arrive whenever thunder strikes the mountain. This is a very interesting story and can entertain your kid at bedtime.


The Golden touch

This story is about a Greek King Midas, who was very greedy. One day he did something good and as a reward, God asked him for a wish. He asked that everything he touches should turn into gold. One day he touched his daughter who turned into gold. He repents and asks forgiveness. God forgave him and returned his daughter. The moral of the story is that greediness is harmful. 



The famous story from the series of Arabian nights of middle eastern origin. The story is about a street guy Aladdin who is told by Jaffar, an evil sorcerer to find a magical lamp in a cave. When he rubs the magical lamp, djinn comes and asks to fulfil three of his wishes. Aladdin asks him to convert him into a prince to marry the love of his life, princess Jasmine. Djinn later saves them from the evil Jaffar. This is a wonderful story to keep your child mesmerised with the wonders of a magical world. This story revolves around magical characters, the flying carpet, and Abu, the pet monkey.

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