Link Aadhaar To Ration Card Easily

The Central authorities has determined now not to provide rations to people who do no longer hyperlink Aadhaar with their ration card after September 30. The country authorities has extended the closing date to October 31 after it changed into determined that there were 36.1 lakh cardholders whose ration playing cards have been no longer related after this closing date. All the individuals of the card besides the ration cardholder have to link to Aadhaar. Ration merchandise will be blocked but the call on the cardboard will now not be removed if Aadhaar isn’t linked. Now you have to learn “How To Link Aadhar To Ration Card Kerala“. It is very easy to learn so lets began.

According to the document, 99 percent of ration cardholders and eighty five percentage of individuals in the country are connected to Aadhaar. The Food Security Act of 2916 additionally stipulates that Aadhaar should be connected. This machine is to make certain that the ration food grains are acquired with the aid of the rightful heir.

Contact ration stores to link Aadhaar. Aadhaar can be related thru the e-pos machine in the ration save. All you have to do is convey your Aadhaar wide variety and make contact with variety to the Taluk Supply Office or City Ration Office along with your Aadhaar and ration cards. If the smartphone wide variety is likewise linked, the facts approximately the ratio will also be despatched via SMS.


Www.Civilsupplieskerala.Gov.In statistics on-line through the website may be linked. At least one member of the ration card needs to hyperlink to Aadhaar to avail of this facility.

Ration playing cards are utilized by individuals to get the food at a backed price. However, in sure cases, an individual obtains a couple of ration card because of which others will now not be able to get the gain. To triumph over such instances, the government has determined to link ration cards with an character’s Aadhaar card.

Link Aadhaar to Ration Card via offline mode

For persons who want to link their Aadhaar card to ration card offline, then the under-cited steps want to be accompanied:

Step 1: Carry the photocopies of Aadhaar cards of all own family contributors in addition to a photocopy of your ration card.

Step 2: Carry the photocopy of the bank passbook when you have no longer linked your Aadhaar card to your bank account.

Step 3: Also deliver a passport-sized photograph of the top of the circle of relatives and these kind of files want to be submitted at the ration office.

Step 4: The notification can be there through SMS or e-mail once all the files have reached the relevant branch.

Step five: The government will method all your files and the notification will seem once your ration card is successfully related to the Aadhaar card.


I hope you understand “How To Link Aadhar To Ration Card Kerala“. If you have any query then you should visit our website for more details.

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