How Does Laser Micromaching Glass Make Your Product Better?

Laser cutting or laser micromachining is a precise cutting technique prevalent in the laser machining industry. This kind of micromachining technique offers a very high precision level that can’t be matched by anything else. In laser micromachining, a powerful laser is aimed at the material being worked on. The laser then cuts the material at a very fast rate, leaving few signs of cutting, burning or damage.
Besides the usual materials like metalor plastic, these lasers are also useful for cutting delicate materials like glass. Glass is a material found in many different industries and products. In industries like telecommunications, technology, and many other technological-based industries, parts have to be an exact size or shape. In most cases, this requires a very high level of precision that can’t be achieved by any other method.
In traditional glass cutting- contact techniques, the chances of unnecessary abrasion or scratches are very high. These old glass cutting methods also lead to material loss and other unnecessary expenses, thus increasing the production cost. The emergence of laser micromachining techniques has improved the glass cutting process and help to attainprecise, irregular shapes with a smooth edge finish.
There are many benefits to glass that is laser cut. Not only do you get silky-smooth edges, you don’t get micro fractures found in other forms of glass cutting. Not only that, laser cut glass can be three times more durable than usual cut glass and glass of any thickness can be attained.This creates a material that will last longer and produce better results, making your product more valuable.
Picosecond and femtosecond laser micromachining allows Laserod to achieve various processes, such as cutting, drilling, and turning in just about any material. Whether you are searching for laser cutting services or a laser cutting machine of your own, Laserod has decades of experience in customizing laser solutions.
If you have difficult-to-machine components, materials, and parts, entrust it all to the world’s leading laser micromachining company – Laserod. We are dedicated to offering outstanding micromachining services to different sectors, such as aerospace, microelectronics, touchscreen producers, medical, transducer sensors, and many more. Call Laserod Technologies at 1-310-340-1343 or make a special request online at

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Laserod Wafer

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