Sunday, December 5th, 2021

Konami’s New Soccer Game Continues To Be An Utter Fiasco

Things arent working out in a good way for eFootball, and continue to deteriorate. Konamis Friday news dump can’t cover how awful things are. The present moment, this is a finished disaster.

It appears as though its been a finished debacle consistently, beginning when Konami dropped the PES name for eFootball. The rebranding, however, has been the least of the issues. As Kotaku recently announced, the buggy game acquired the particular shame of being the most loathed game on Steam. Konami has apologized, yet the clusterfuck proceeds.

Konami has a history of making brilliant soccer matches and is attempting to fix eFootball. There simply appears to be a great deal that requirements fixing. In mid-October, the organization reported that an update, variant 0.9.1, was booked for early November. The update dropped today, however Konami likewise recognized more bugs and errors for every stage.

Issues incorporate onlooker designs looking weird during halftime and postgame successions, and uncommon cases of players getting fouls despite the fact that there was no crash. On the Xbox and Windows adaptations, there were additionally mistake messages for regulators that were truth be told appropriately associated. Konamis impermanent fix for this is to ensure the regulator is associated and reboot the game.

We are presently working diligently on ways of fixing or work on completely known issues, composed Konami in the authority declaration. The organization focused on that it will keep on fixing bugs on every stage and update the game in like manner.

The enormous news, notwithstanding, is that Konami is postponing the major v1.0.0 update, which was initially booked for November 11. All things considered, it will be delivered in Spring 2022. The update should incorporate another mode that let individuals play with a unique group, just as the expansion of eFootball 2022 on iOS and Android. The explanation given for the deferrals is that that group needs more opportunity to make enhancements.

Shockingly, we have presumed that additional time is expected to convey the item in the quality that will meet the assumptions for our clients and have chosen to defer the conveyance, composed Konami. Likewise, we have chosen to drop the pre request for [the] eFootball 2022 Premium Player Pack, which incorporates things that must be utilized in-game after the update.

Konami isn’t just dropping all pre-orders for the Premium Player Pack, yet additionally giving programmed discounts. The distributer recognized that some time may be needed to finish the discounts, which will be made by each stages strategy. (No activity is needed on the players part.) Whats more, Konami is thinking about once again introducing the 2022 Premium Player Pack sometime in the not too distant future in the wake of surveying all the substance.

We earnestly apologize for the bother this causes our clients and different partners who have been anticipating this title.

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