Know How Dust Particles Can Be Harmful to a Cooling System

There’s certainly no need to explain how important air conditioners have become for us, especially during hot summer months. Air-conditioning systems can be seen in almost every place from restaurants, shopping malls to hospitals and other commercial places. Air-conditioning isn’t limited to commercial places because almost every other person has an air conditioner in his home. However, when it comes to maintenance, then it becomes a bit difficult for many AC users. Here, to make you understand the importance of Air duct cleaning Miami, we are explaining how dust particles can be harmful to an air conditioner.

When Air Ducts are Clogged With Dust Particles
The ductwork in an air-conditioning system acts as a path, which allows the conditioned-air travel from one end to another. But when the air ducts are clogged with dirt and debris, it starts obstructing the airflow. This might force your air conditioner to work harder and longer than usual. So, you ought to keep the ductwork as much clean as possible with regular Air duct cleaning Miami sessions. Always remember that longer functioning exerts pressure on the system, which sometimes leads to a sudden breakdown. But with regular cleaning, it’s possible to maintain your device’s efficiency for a longer period.

When the Coils are Covered With a Thick Dust Layer
There are two types of coils in an air conditioner, evaporator coils and the condenser coil. The evaporator coil helps to absorb the heat present in the surrounding air and the condenser coil help to release the absorbed heat. But it becomes difficult for an AC to conduct heat-transfer when these coils are covered with a thick dust layer. It might also lead to AC malfunctions and hence, you need to clean the coils at frequent intervals.

When There’s too Much Dirt Clogged in Air Filters
Since air conditioners control the indoor temperature with the help of the outdoor air, which is generally contaminated with dust particles, there’s a filter in your AC that prevents the dirt from entering the indoor atmosphere. However, air filters need to be cleaned twice a month because clogged filters can be responsible for blocking the air. Now you know how dust particles can make life difficult for you and for your air conditioner.

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