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At some point of degree, the questions answers would be like this. The top IVF experts, including those from all over India along with those from IVF Center in Jaipur, Mishka IVF, confirmed that IVF can be mildly painful, i.e. it can cause some discomfort, but it is not intolerable.

It relies on multiple factors, such as the medical history of a patient, the type of body and the reasons for infertility. Although one may feel a minor ache in the body, it is not very significant. They will figure out if the procedure is going to be unpleasant if a patient knows what the roof of the issue is.

There are many women who suggest IVF procedures to cure infertility, but because of the fear of pain, they back out. This can never, however, be a solution to the problem. The best IVF Center in Jaipur states that  advising and discovering the technique will help patients determine whether or not patients want IVF treatment.

In vitro fertilisation

Is The IVF Procedure Painful?

We are the best IVF center in Jaipur, doing our best to provide care after painstaking research into the medical history of the patient. Considering the female’s comfort and enjoyment, specialist services, therapies and hospitality are given to make the care light and as simple as pie.

As the cause of infertility is not known to the couple, we focus on both male and female infertility and there are chances that the cause of infertility is something one would not have expected.

We include fertility tests, world-class hospitality, and special treatment for women. The success rate of IVF care depends on age, medical background and other variables, but compared to other IVF centers, Mishka IVF provides the best chance of fertility.

What Is The Time Duration Of IVF Process

 Generally the  method of IVF takes four to six weeks to complete .

After waiting for egg maturation, for a week or more. Then you and your wife spend nearly half a day in your doctor’s office or clinic getting your egg fertilized and recovered.

After a week, the implantation of embryos takes place. Now when it starts its growth, it receives oxygen and nutrients from the mother

This whole method is split into several phases.

One should go for a pregnancy test , after two weeks of embryo transplantation .

In Vitro Fertility Procedure

Before you go for In-Vitro Fertilizations, it is important to know more about the procedure, as it will help to gain insight and self-confidence.

Following are the steps to understand how IVF is shown step by step.

Preparation for an IVF Cycle-

The doctors from Mishka IVF, the best IVF Center in Jaipur state that the patient needs to be mentally prepared for the procedure of IVF. Mental strength and emotional support goes a long way in the treatment. following procedure is followed in the IVF Cycle:

1. Egg retrieval  

After 36-48 hours of treatment for the patient and before ovulation of the egg, there will be

The surgical move of separating the eggs in a patient’s ovaries from the follicles. Ultrasound is used during the operation to visually direct a tiny needle through the vagina through each ovary one by one and the process will not experience discomfort as she will be under sedation.

Using a suction system to carry the egg along with the blood, follicular blood contents are extracted and the whole procedure lasts for 30 minutes. For a day only, mild cramps and pain can be felt.

The egg-containing fluid is sucked by an IVF physician into a test tube. After that, the test tube is handed over via a microscope to the embryologists who analyse the fluid to find the egg from the sample. All data, including ovarian reserve, number of eggs created, process effect on the patient, are very carefully documented.

  1. Fertilization

the experts evaluate the consistency and maturity of the egg until the egg reaches the laboratory. Then after a few hours of egg retrieval mature eggs are taken to an incubator and fertilised with sperm. It is possible to fertilise in two ways:

A. Conventional Insemination 

B. Intra-cytoplasmic injection by injection

These injections are painless since they will be kept under sedation by patients. The choice of fertilization to be used depends on the patient’s medical condition and the doctors and the specialists in IVF.

3. Embryo Transfer  

The embryo transfer takes place during the fertilizations process which will take place during 3 to 5 days of egg retrieval. IVF experts from the IVF center in Jaipur and the couple will decide all of the steps. Number of embryos produced depends on different factors . In the past, doctors used to move multiple embryos hoping that it would improve the odds of having a successful success rate, but twins and triplets usually result. For this cause, they began to pass single embryos into the uterus to prevent complications.

For moving the embryo into the uterus, a gentle and soft catheter is used. An abdominal ultrasound is used to ensure that the tip of the catheter is positioned at the correct implant spot.

In this phase, pain and discomfort are very rare or, we might say, minute. If the first cycle is not successful, the other healthy embryos are normally frozen and used later on.

In this phase, pain and discomfort are very rare or, we might say, minute. If the first cycle is not successful, the other healthy embryos are normally frozen and used later on.

  1. Assisted Hatching 

  The success rates for women over 35 years of age with previously ineffective IVF interactions are lower compared to others,    hence the need for additional support.

Assisted hatching is a process in which a hole in the shell surrounding the early embryo’s cell is formed. This membrane dissolves on its own, when there is a  need for embryo implantation. This step is performed only before the transfer of the embryo.

After receiving the treatment and its successful completion, pregnancy will result in some pain and sensations after the procedure described above. Some of them include swollen feet, mood swings and vomiting. But these are totally natural, and with a happy mood and liveliness, a woman must enjoy this time.

Why Mishka Is The Best Choice For In Vitro Fertilisation

The IVF treatment typically takes four to six weeks, but 10 to 15 days after the counselling, the whole IVF procedure takes place at the best IVF Center in jaipur, Mishka IVF. There are some couples suffering from infertility and we have served them with some assistance and modest treatment. Mishka IVF Center, best IVF center in Jaipur, offers low-cost prescription services and efficient packages planned meticulously to keep the preference and condition of the patient in mind.


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