Introduction To Boarding School In Dehradun!

A boarding school in Dehradun is a fulltime study for people living in the hostel and separate from family, instead of ‘boarding’ is used in the sense of “bed and board.” Their people in boarding get creativity, logical thinking and skills to solve and give solutions to practical problems.

A typical boarding school has a lot of residential to living houses, either within the school ground or in the surrounding area.

Why enroll your child in boarding school?

Boarding school in Dehradun are very useful to girls because girls at home fell very uneasy because of restrictions about culture, child marriages etc. Instead of this living in hostels, they are independent and make create themselves a beautiful life.

Distance with family members makes themselves strong, and he/she confident in thinking about after completing boarding school, and also, they realize the value of relationships.

In the boarding environment, people all mix with among themselves, face day to day problems on his/her own. They get more knowledge on how to solve problems and get high maturity to make them much self-confident.

Another side:

People living in a boarding environment without parents living they addicted to bad habits told lies and addicted to gambling, drinking, and smoking. This all has choices for going the wrong way because of loneliness.

People going to minimum boarding requirements completed 6th or 7th grade then only able to live independently own it. Parents very cruel before complete 6th grade of a child join in boarding. Therefore, a child is going to miss the caring and affection of the father and the love of the mother and also other members of the family.

In the college environment boarding people going to ragging, it is different from place to place. They form groups/gangs and form violence among students in class/college.

Living away from home even for a certain period change the attitude of students, they are not able to communicate with parents after some time distance maintained with the home. Still, some people easily communicated after completed boarding and came home.

Types of boarding schools:

1. Girls boarding schools: Girls are made independent among themselves and create their own life with education single-sex. They are not encouraging coeducation because of their unique life. They will not divert the girl’s addiction to other unwanted things.

2. Boys boarding schools: It is similar to the girl’s boarding school.

3. Co-ed boarding school: Co-ed boarding aims to communicate with one gender with other properly without any addictions among them. They are studying combined and sharing responsibilities equally.

4. Private boarding school: They are similar to private schools. They are organized by their policies and requirements to create a unique life.

5. Christian boarding school: They are organized by catholic schools, the difference that they provide regular boarding facilities. This may be only for Christians or religious educations.

6. Military boarding school: These schools give education about army or military training related education. These have special military discipline and structure.

7. Therapeutic boarding school: These schools are used to set up for students who are suffering from addiction, emotional problems and disorders. They are giving teaching to make them self- confident mentally and physically.

8. International boarding school: They give training internationally hosting nations and people educated among themselves international level.

But the question that I am trying to raise is that are all the material benefits that a boarding school offers are above the comfort and values of that the home provides? A person has all the life to become prim and proper for society, but do they have all the life to spend the time with their family and to connect with them?

The need for boarding schools:

Students generally leave their nest at the age of eighteen to go to college and to kick-start their adult life where they get busy in building their careers, and the family takes a back seat. So is it justifiable to deprive children of those few carefree years with their family? Michael j. Fox has rightly said that “family is not an important thing. Family is everything”. In the early years of life, a person gets easily connected to the family as compared to the latter part of life.


The boarding school in Dehradun is not to decide the good or the bad. They have some rules and suggestions to give a solution to able or not to join in boarding school. Should follow suggestions and take decisions.

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