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Insure your business: How to do it?

One of a business owner’s first reactions must be to insure his company.

Professional insurance is as varied as it is extensive. Some are required, while others are optional. Some are for property, while others are for harm caused by the activity, and yet others are for employee protection.

Insurance is a topic that should not be ignored. Because of the high cost of guarantees, several businesses are inclined to skip business insurance. However, no position is without danger. The uninsured business is risking itself.


This Section Explains Why And How To Insure Your Business In Detail So You Can View It More Clearly

1. Insuring your business: is it compulsory?

The law would make no provisions for a complete and standard list of mandatory insurance. The need to insure is mostly determined by the company’s activities. It can be prescribed as follows:

• It is required by law. This is the case with ten-year responsibility, for example.

• By the texts that regulate certain actions.

• By contractual clauses, such as those included in a business leasing agreement.

Many insurance policies are optional. They do, however, enable the company to be protected against the various risks to which it is exposed.

The performance of a business activity might result in multiple damages or losses, which can be highly costly to the organization. Even if insurance plans are optional, it is not advisable to disregard them. We must consider the dangers we take carefully!

Compulsory and Optional Insurance

In the face of the complexity of insurance, it’s difficult to navigate. While some membership are optional, some are required. Everything here is depends on the company’s activity.

Compulsory insurance for a business

The law does not include an entire list of insurances that must be purchased. These differ depending on the activity’s qualities.

Professional liability insurance

Professional liability insurance is required for certain actions. As a result, regulated professions (accountants, physicians, dentists, and so on) are required to get professional life insurance.

Professional liability insurance, in general, includes three categories of coverage: business insurance, firm property insurance, and personal insurance.

Professionals in the construction industry are required to get a ten-year liability insurance policy. It covers the damage to the provided work for a period of 10 years.

Compulsory insurance of certain goods

Certain acts or contracts may also make the purchase of certain insurance policies mandatory. As a result, business premises insurance is routinely required in commercial leasing arrangements.

When a corporation provides its employees with professional automobiles that are more than five years old, professional automobile insurance is required.

Insurance against accidents at work

The existence of workers adds to the insurance need. Occupational accident insurance is needed by the employer. It is required regardless of the size of the company’s workforce.

In general, it covers incidents that happen at work during working hours, as well as accidents that happen on business travels.

Optional insurance

Certain insurance plans, while not required, enable the company to be protected against the various risks to which it is exposed.

There are many types:

• Thus, property insurance helps protect the business against the risk of loss or damage to its property. For example, in the event of fire, explosion, or water damage.

• It is also possible to take out insurance on the loss of the market value of the business , or even an operating loss guarantee aimed at compensating for losses suffered by the company.

• The company can also choose to take out liability insurance . In particular, there are extensions of civil liability, for example in environmental matters.

• Finally, optional insurance can relate to defined persons or groups of persons . This is particularly the case for subscribing to several supplementary social security schemes, or even key man insurance.

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