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Configure the Canon Pixma MX492 printer

The Canon Pixma MX492 is a perfect printer for the home and office and has great printing and connectivity features. So those looking for an all-in-one press, consider getting the Canon Pixma MX492. In addition, it is a cheap printer with many advanced printing functions.

With the Canon Pixma MX492 you can scan, fax and make copies. In addition, the user can print documents through devices compatible with the application of the Pixma printing solution. The user has wireless access to the printer and has a fast wireless USB port.

Steps to Set up Canon MX492 Printer

Some users find it difficult to set up the Canon Pixma MX492. So for them, here we have discussed the steps that will help them install the printer with ease. In combination with the typesetting process, it is easier to use than other printing machines.

Note: The user can perform an installation process via an official website or an installation procedure via a CD.

Note: The user can choose whether to use his printer via a LAN connection or a USB connection.

Note: Canon Pixma MX92 printer settings are required when using the printer via LAN connection. If the installation process has already been completed, the connection will be confirmed automatically. However, if the installation is not completed, follow the on-screen instructions to set up the printer.

  •     At the starting steps, we suggest to you all user start your printer now.
  •     Then open your web browser.
  •     Then in the search bar, type the official URL, ij.start.cannon
  •     After that, the official website will appear on the screen.
  •     Users are then prompted to select the item they want to configure.

The following are the ways in which the user can configure the printer.

  •     Connecting to a smartphone, computer or tablet
  •     Prepare the fax for use

Connecting to a smartphone, computer or tablet

  •     First of all, users are recommended to use the “Download” option to start the installation process.
  •     Then the download of the “.exe” file will start.
  •     Then wait for the download process to complete.
  •     Now open the “.exe” file.
  •     From there, the user can select his preferred language from the “Language” option.
  •     Then click on the “Next” option.
  •     At this point, users are advised to select the printer connection method.
  •     There are two modes, in particular “remote LAN association” and “USB association”.
  •     Then select the best option based on your preference.
  •     Then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation process.

    Note: Make sure the printer is turned on.

Prepare the fax for use

It is recommended that users complete the following steps to set up the fax.

  •     First select your telephone line settings.
  •     Therefore, users are advised to choose how they want to receive faxes, such as “Simple Setup” or “Multiple Setup”.
  •     Then select the “Start” button.
  •     Note: Users who have purchased the printer in China or Canada are advised to select it according to their preferences.
  •     Therefore, users are advised to follow the on-screen instructions.

After all the above steps are completed, the Canon Pixma MX492 printer installation procedure is completed. In addition to implementing these steps, any queries the user may encounter during the installation process can be assisted by ij.start.canon team.

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