Ignorance in Nikahnama Registration in Pakistan

Ignorance in Nikahnama Registration in Pakistan: 

Advocate Jamila is the best lawyer in Lahore for nikahanama registration in Pakistan and shia court marriage in Pakistan. Nobility of descent is not within one’s power and so nothing to boast about, but there is no doubt that it is a blessing. Intellectually, one might boast on what is in one’s power and that Knowledge and deeds though, according to Shari ‘ah, one should not boast on that too specially when it comes to nikahanama registration in Pakistan and shia court marriage in Pakistan.

Differentiate Between Themselves and the Nobles:

It is forbidden under all circumstances to be proud because of high descent. Today, not only the nobles indulge in that but also the common show arrogance and regard themselves as equals of the nobles and do not differentiate between themselves and the nobles. (Huquq uz Zawjayn. P-193) But this does not mean that nobility of descent is nothing. For example, one should not be proud of one’s beauty and handsome looks, but we cannot deny that it is a blessing of a high level. The same can be said of the nobility of descent.


 There is a serious mistake in regarding the mother while considering someone’s descent. Thus, if his mother is not noble, people do not consider the person to be noble and equal. But, in evaluating equality of descent, Shari ‘ah does not rely on the mother in terms of nikahanama registration in Pakistan and shia court marriage in Pakistan. Similarly, other commands of Shari’ah do not consider a person’s mother in their application; for instance, if only his mother is from Banu Hashim then it is lawful for him to take zakah. Thus, a person whose father alone is noble is equal to one whose both parents are noble.


The Arabs also do not pick faults in lineage because of mothers, for; Allah has cut at the roots of that. Sayyidina Ibrahim had two wives. Sayyidah Sarah was from his clan, but Sayyidah Hajirah was a slave and Sayyidina Ismail was her son, he being the father of same Arabs. Thus, the woman who is the beginning of some Arabs was a slave.  The tribes in Pakistan, however, look for defects in other families because of the low descent of women when it comes to nikahanama registration in Pakistan and shia court marriage in Pakistan. They should know that this is no defect because Shari ‘ah does not rely on mothers in evaluating descent. (Tabligh al Akramiyah v18, p224). 


 However, there is an exception to this rule. The descendants of the Prophet are Sayyid (Pl. Sadat) from his daughter, Sayyidah Fatimah Her offspring are Sayyid and more excellent than other Banu Hashim In short, in evaluating descent, the mother is not relied upon but, in the case of offspring of Sayyidah Fatimah A.S, the mother is relied upon. Dependence of the Sadat (Sayyids) is on her and their higher nobility over other tribes is only because of her.  This also brings to light the mistake of the Alawis who call themselves Sayyid. The beginning of Sadat is not from Sayyidina Ali but from sayyidah Fatimah Thus, the offspring of Sayyidina Ali from Sayyidah Fatimah is Sayyid but those from his other wives are not Sayyid, but Alawi. The claim of the Alawis to Sadat is wrong, but they are of Banu Hashim and the merits of Banu Hashim apply to them.


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