How to Succeed at Book Promotion

Successful book promotion depends on many things – all of which need to be part of a well-planned marketing and publicity campaign. First off, authors need to identify their target audiences of readers. Often, books have major/mainstream audiences and select/niche groups also. Clearly identifying both can significantly expand the potential sales and publicity opportunities. For example, books about money and finance will have a natural connection to business media. But they also could be covered as feature stories by general-interest media that includes financial sections.

Before your campaign starts, it is vital to decide on target media; having a well-developed list ensures the right contacts are made. It’s easy to overlook some who may end up running stories in the rush of the moment. Therefore, you should plan and stick to your plan. If you’re an author who will be working with a professional publicist, make sure to be upfront about your goals and expectations. During campaign planning, there are many points where decisions are made, and you’ll want them made according to your priorities. Exchanging a steady stream of ideas with a publicist will help your book.

Dividing your book promotion goals into short and long term often also improves the chances for success. Short-term goals ordinarily revolve around book sales and are achieved in a three to four-month time frame. Long-term goals are more about author branding and look ahead in the three to five-year range. The notoriety gained through a successful book publicity campaign sets many authors on a path to become visible experts. That sort of personal publicity helps career and business goals and is sustainable over a long period. Writing a book benefits you in many ways.

Before starting a media and publicity campaign, it’s essential to decide what will make you an engaging interviewee. It’s natural to discuss themes from your book, but it’s also likely you’re qualified to speak on other related topics. The combination of these makes you unique and more likely to be seen by producers as an excellent guest to schedule. Never hesitate to step outside your book’s boundaries and engage on other topics where you have credible knowledge. Additional issues to discuss can increase your appeal as a guest. Also, when you are interviewed, mention your book at the end – gently.

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