How to Start Learning Table Tennis

The priority is learning the essentials of ping pong when you’re a new player. Gaining knowledge about everything from your table tennis racket to how to score a game is essential. Even today’s pro players were beginners at some pint long ago. Learning the rules needs to come first as it does for all sports. Don’t be in a hurry and give yourself some time to become familiar with them all. You’ll need to commit the significant rules to memory as you start to play. More can be memorized as you go along and gain proficiency in the game. Letting your play be guided with a solid knowledge of the rules is vital.

Just as soon as you have the rules in your memory, how to score a table tennis game is the next thing to learn. Things have changed from the original 21-point games with five serves per player. In today’s game, serving rotates two per player, and games are to 11 points. If you ‘re fortunate enough to have a coach, you’ll hear reminders about avoiding making the same mistakes routinely. If you’re learning without a coach, run a quick online search for the ten most common errors in table tennis. You can read more about each one and ideally, how to minimize them in your play. You should practice often.

Grip types are another essential thing to learn about once you become proficient in the theoretical parts of table tennis. Grip figures into play prominently, and you need to have an understanding of the options. Each grip has advantages and disadvantages, so it’s a personal decision about which one you prefer. Once you make a decision, you will likely stick with it because very few players change grips once they are accustomed to one. One of the best things about the sport of table tennis is the range of options for many different aspects. It facilitates a very individualized style of play.

Taking a close look at the various styles of playing table tennis, you’ll quickly see several of them in use in modern ping pong. Many excellent players draw from several of them to develop a style that is all their own. Many times, it’s the grip that determines the style of play. But it’s vital to decide for yourself because it’s guaranteed that no two players are the same. Watching the pros play has become much easier thanks to online video. It’s natural then to see and try some similar aspects for yourself to find what works best. In time, you’ll develop a unique style based on your grip and what’s most natural.

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