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How To Setup 123hpcom/setup Guide?

The Deskjet 2131 goes easy on your pocket and is a great single-functionality printer for those whose printing needs are a minimum. The HP Deskjet 2131 offers a very decent print quality at an equally reasonable price. The lightweight and compact design is another reason why you should consider the Deskjet 2131 for your daily printing needs. You can connect your printer to the system via a high-speed USB 2.0 port but the printer doesn’t support a Wireless or Ethernet connection that enables printers to connect to the internet. The Input and Output Trays of the printer come with a capacity of 60 and 25 sheets respectively. The software drivers for your HP Printer can be downloaded from “123hpcom/setup” 2131.


123 hp com dj2131 | 123 HP Deskjet 2131 Unboxing


  • Take out the printer power cord, Installation CD, setup poster, and the ink cartridges from the box in which the printer was shipped. You can also download the software from 123 hp com setup 2131 instead of installing it from the installation CD.
  • Drag the printer out of the box using the handles on the cover.
  • The blue tapes on the surface are designed to come off easily. Remove them from the printer surface. Open the ink cartridge access area, remove the packaging materials there and close the ink cartridge access area.
  • Your printer is now ready to be powered on. Keep reading to find out how to switch on the printer and install the ink cartridges.


123 HP Deskjet 2131 Loading Unused Paper


  • To load unused paper into the tray, follow the steps given below
  • Push the paper width guides away from each other.
  • Insert a stack of papers into the Paper Tray.
  • Adjust the paper width guides such that they just touch the edges of the paper.
  • According to the type of paper used, the paper width guides can be adjusted.
  • Next, you can connect your printer to the system and download the software drivers from 123 hp com setup 2131 or 123 hp com dj2131.


123 HP Deskjet Wireless Setup Wizard


The Wireless Setup Wizard helps your printer to the network. It is only available for printers with a display control panel. Follow the steps given below to connect your printer to the network wirelessly.


  • Collect the network name (SSID) and password.
  • From the control panel’s main menu, go to the Network menu, touch the Wireless icon and go to Settings.
  • In the settings menu, select the Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • The Wireless Setup Wizard will now search for printers in the area and display the list of networks in the area.
  • Select the name of the network that you wish to connect your network to and enter the password. Note that passwords are case-sensitive and therefore must be entered with the correct case letters.
  • In case you cannot see the name of the network displayed on your control panel, you can manually enter it using the on-screen keyboard.
  • If your printer isn’t connected to the network, you can print a test report to fix the issue.


NOTE: At the end of the ink cartridge, the “123.hp.comsetup” cartridges that consist of your printer should be hooked up. For extra associated information dial our purchaser care number for assistance.

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