How to Promote Your Self-Published Book

If you’re self-publishing your work, effective book marketing is crucial to your overall success as an author. Promoting a book can feel daunting, but when you have a plan with the right elements, the chances of finding success are greater. Paid clicks (advertising through search engine result pages) can be effective in getting visibility for your book. However, if you’re not careful, it can cost a lot. If you want to test paid clicks, it’s best to come up with ten solid search keywords for your book and spend $5-10 per day. Watch and see if paid clicks lead to book sales. Results vary widely by book and author.

Social media advertising may also be effective, but develop a plan that keeps what you spend in line with book sales. Start small and watch for results (or not). It will determine what you spend and if you continue. Be sure to give all social media accounts the same name. The continuity among platforms can improve sales over time. Guest blogging is another excellent way to put your name in front of new audiences. Don’t be overly promotional and contribute helpful information with a gentle mention of your book at the end or in your profile. Post links to your blog posts on social media to cross-promote.

Optimizing your pages with online booksellers is vital. Add complete and thorough information to your author profile so that it shows up in organic search results. The goal is to help potentially interested readers discover your book. Create longer-form descriptions about yourself and your book. Make sure you have the right tags and keywords to help yourself show up in organic search results. Every word of your profile and description needs to count. Link your book to others in your genre from well-known authors. The digital world is interconnected, and making sure to link and cross-promote is essential.

If you can, in-person book signings and tours help you meet fans and gain new readers. People still enjoy meeting authors in person. Interacting with your fan base keeps them loyal and gets them talking about you more. One of the best ways to get out news about you and your book out is by word of mouth. Publishing industry trade shows can help you meet publishers, book buyers, agents, and distributors. Building connections is valuable to every author. You can also help others by offering to promote their books. The more people you know to help spread the word, the more your book will sell.

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