How To Prepare for California Family Law Court

Individuals will have to visit California family law courts when filing a divorce if they do not come to terms with their soon-to-be ex-spouses. There is no jury in a family law court; instead, a judge issues rulings that can generally not be protested. People use divorce courts to reach agreements regarding the division of property and debts, as well as determining child custody if children are involved. Additionally, the judge may rule on child support payments, as well as alimony.


The two main people that individuals will encounter in divorce court are the court clerk and the judge. The court clerk is in charge of the docket, which is a document that contains the court’s schedule for the day. The court-clerk may assist you in navigating the court and advise you about any documents you may need to fill out for your case. The court clerk is not authorized to give legal advice and will, in most cases, refrain from doing so.


You must greet the judge as you enter the courtroom, who will hear all sides of the argument. In order to fight on your behalf, you and your partner can both have Family Law Attorneys. The judge makes his or her definitive decision after both parties have made their cases. While not required in all courts, it is important to come well dressed and well-groomed to the courtroom, as your appearance may make an impression on the judge. This is especially accurate when child custody is included. Presenting yourself well shows responsibility and initiative on your part.


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