How to Make Your Epson Printer Recognize Clone Cartridges

Epson printer is a top-quality device that provides good print quality and speed. These printer devices are available in various sizes for different requirements. Epson inkjet printers are good for home. New models of Epson inkjet offer scanning and fax features. It provides high-quality printouts and you can use it for taking photograph printouts. Big size printers like lasers are mainly used in libraries and companies which provide high printing speed.

Epson printers also manufacture the cartridge. When the cartridges get empty, the user has to install a new cartridge for taking the printout. While purchasing the printer, you should check for cartridge use. Always purchase a printer that has less ink usage. You buy the printer once but you have to purchase the cartridge regularly. These cartridges are not cheap, you must inspect cartridge princes before purchasing the printer.

Alternative options for cartridges

For quality printouts, you should always purchase the original cartridge on your printer. Original cartridges fit perfectly and the ink quality is also very good. But cartridges are costly too. If you take lots of printouts then purchasing the original cartridge every time may cost you hundreds of dollars per year. If you can’t afford the original cartridge then go for the alternative. 

Clone Cartridges

Clones are third-party cartridges that are cheaper and mostly manufactured in China. You can close these cartridges for cost-cutting. These cartridges may give you low print quality. Clone cartridges are fit for all types and can be installed on various printers. But sometimes, these cartridges can show installation errors. After inserting the cartridge; the printer can’t find it. The error on the printer due to the clone cartridge can appear due to various reasons.

Troubleshooting Epson Printer can’t Recognize Cartridge Error

Inspect Epson status monitor

Epson status monitor is a part of your printer driver which checks the cartridge status. When the ink level is low; the status monitor starts showing the low ink warning. When a user installs a third-party cartridge; the status monitor can’t read it correctly and gets an Epson communication error. You have to fix the status monitor for troubleshooting the error.

  1. Open the computer and go to the Devices and Printers option
  2. Click on the Printing Preference option
  3. Open Maintenance page
  4. Hit on the Extended settings option
  5. Hit the next screen and click on Status Monitor
  6. Uncheck the box and then hit on the OK button
  7. Now go to Epson printer and check whether your printer can find the cartridge or not.

Remove all Cartridges from the Epson Printer

Users mainly get this error when they are installing a new cartridge on the printer. When the old cartridge gets empty then you install the new one on the printer. You may be getting this error because the printer can’t recognize the not-Epson cartridge. Due to this, your printer will still show the ink warning notification on the screen. For fixing this error, you have to remove all the cartridges. It will clear all the memory and then you will get the no cartridge installed error message on the screen. Now reinstall the cartridges on the printer one by one and your printer will recognize them.

Check the Printer Driver

Your printer will not recognize the third-party cartridge when the driver is set according to it. The manufacturer sometimes restricts the printer to recognize the clone cartridge so the user always purchases the original cartridge. When your Epson is showing the error message then contact a hardware shop or vendor and they will make some changes on software and the cartridge will start working.

In case you can’t use the clone cartridges then check for refilling. Refilling is a good alternative for the pocket and environment. People often throw empty cartridges in the open which can be harmful. Instead of purchasing cartridges, go to the refilling service. Users can get the ink and refill cartridges manually. After refilling, close the lid tightly and shake the cartridge. Now install it on the printer and now you can use it easily. You can also use the remanufactured cartridges. Users can get these cartridges from local suppliers. These are original cartridges that are refilled in big factories. Remanufactured cartridges provide good quality printouts.


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