How to install macOS on Windows OS?-Complete Guide.

macOS is one of the leading computer operating systems by Apple Inc. And also the second most successful OS. Most people think, that the macOS can only be installed and used on Mac computers. And other operating systems including Windows OS can be used on nonmac machines. But in this digital era. Everything has changed. And now, you can install macOS on non-mac computers too. And our today focus will be regarding this topic, that how to install macOS on Windows OS.

So, are you all ears? Let’s get straight into it!

How to install macOS on Windows OS?

The best way to install macOS on Windows OS is the use of virtual machine software. Virtual machine software is currently the most successful and also the popular programs for virtualization. By using these virtualization software, one can install and run multiple operating systems on one computer.

What is virtual machine software?

A virtual machine software is a program primarily used for the virtualization of operating systems. Moreover, there is two broadly used virtual machine software. One is called a VMware workstation. And the other is Virtualbox. In this article, we are going to guide you on how to use the Vmware workstation for the installation of macOS big Sur on Windows OS.

Download and install VMware workstation:

First of all visit the official website of the VMware workstation. Where you can get the official software. download the product from the download page of the website. And then go to the download folder. And double click on the downloaded file to start the installation.

The installation of VMware workstation is quite easy and straightforward. You just need to answer some software related questions, until the installation starts. And the installation will automatically complete after some time. When the installation of the software concludes. You can proceed to the next step.

Download macOS DMG or ISO file:

VMware workstation needs any of the two versions of the OS file for installation. Whether that is DMG or ISO. As we are installation the macOS therefore, we need a DMG or ISO file of macOS. Moreover, as the latest version of macOS is big Sur. It is better to download the DMG or ISO file of macOS big Sur. You can download any of these files online easily. However, we are also providing the download link below to download the files directly without any hassle.

Once you download the file. It is time to move to the next step.

Create virtual machine:

As you have installed the VMware workstation. and the DMG file has been downloaded too. So, now it is time to create a virtual machine. For this purpose, you need to start the VMware workstation.

  1. In VMware, click on a new virtual machine.
  2. Now, name the new Virtual machine. As we are creating a machine for macOS big Sur. So, name it.
  3. Afterward, allocate the amount of processor to the new guest operating system. And press Continue to proceed.
  4. then Also allocate the amount of RAM for the new operating system.
  5. besides, a specific amount of storage for the guest OS. And proceed. 
  6. Once you complete this.

Now the guest Operating system is ready for installation. But keep in mind, that the computer that you are gonna install the guest operating system. Must have a significant amount of RAM and storage. because, the RAM, storage, and CPU is going to be divided among the operating system.

Install macOS Big Sur:

Now, as a final step, everything is sound and good. And the installation of a macOS Big Sur can be initiated. The installation process is just like the installation of macOS on Mac computers. So, if you have done the installation earlier. so, you are not gonna face any hassle. However, if you haven’t. So, let me tell you that,

  1. Start the VMware workstation.
  2. Click on the macOS big Sur virtual machine, that you have created before.
  3. Now, just some system-related questions, like the language of the operating system, region, etc, and so on.

When the installation concludes successfully. Then you can easily access the new macOS big Sur on the VMware workstation. And can start and shut down it from there. Whenever you need the host operating system. just close the VMware workstation. And work on the default operating system. and when you require the guest OS. You can access that from the Vmware workstation.

Bottom Line:

The installation of macOS big Sur on Windows OS is easy. However, it takes time for the complete process. Because then you need to install the virtual machine software. Then you will need to download the ISO or DMG file. and then you will need to install the macOS big Sur. So, the complete process can take up to 4 hours of time.

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