Having many likes on Facebook usually seems like an arduous mission, but with the right strategies, you can also benefit from a notable number of likes in posts, photos, pages, etc …

Getting Likes on Facebook – 5 Effective Techniques

Here we will see all the points to respect to gain popularity on Facebook and be successful on this platform.

1) Essential first steps

One of the essential first steps to receive likes is to create a “Call to Action”, that is, a shocking little phrase.

That phrase has to encourage your followers to comment, like and, when possible, share your post.

These sentences should be short and concise, such as:

  • personal citations
  • musicals
  • famous phrases
  • or just asking a question that needs an answer

Another strategy is to speak in the first person.

Describe yourselves, talk about yourselves, your passions. In this way, you will stimulate the empathy of other users towards you. At the end of the posts, use emoticons to make it light and friendly.

Unlike Instagram, insert a few specific hashtags on Facebook. Individualize the keyword of your post to understand what it is talking about. Obviously, all of this has to be accompanied by original and curated photos.

2) Post original photos

When we look at something on Facebook, it is usually the images that attract us first. Often, it is the image itself that encourages the user to read what is written in the post.

That is why they greatly influence the Likes received. The more a photo is original and effective, the more you will earn Likes. Take photos with vivid and sharp colours.

Always keep the object of your photo in the foreground. And use applications (like Instagram) where you can insert suggestive filters that give your photo a particular touch.

Alternatively, you can search for photos taken by others. But in this case, in order not to make mistakes, look for them in free photo sites without copyright, or mention the author of the photo.

Try using fancy fonts as Facebook and Instagram have limited custom fonts to get more fancy fonts visit – Nowadays people love creativity. 

3) Active on Facebook

Another method to get lots of likes on Facebook is to be very active on social media. That means posting a photo, a link or something else at least once a day.

You have to make your post public and always accompany it with a hashtag, in order to receive visits from people not present in your list of friends. Also, being “active” means interacting with other users. Put “likes” on new pages, interact with comments, reactions, etc.

All this will help your presence in the social world. If you have a Facebook page, the advice is the same, but interact directly with your page. Thus, people could be curious to visit it and then you will have a return of Likes and comments.

4) Join like-sharing groups

On Facebook, you will find many pages aimed at the exchange of Likes. In these groups, everyone can post their own photo, page, post, and ask for likes and comments, as well as the other users will ask to reciprocate.

These groups can have pros and cons. Among the positive aspects is the increase in likes and interactions.

Among the negatives, you will have to return likes and comments to pages that probably do not thank you, and that you will have among your likes people who are not really interested in what you write and publish, and many notifications.

5) Choose the right moments of the day

It seems that studies have been carried out to understand the flows on Socials such as Facebook. According to these studies, the best days are Thursday and Friday between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.

On Saturday and Sunday between 12.00 and 13.00, on the other hand, there is a notable drop on Monday and Wednesday. In general, the best time to post and share on your profiles and FB pages is lunchtime. We advise against publishing something before 9 in the morning and after 20:00.

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