How to get birth certificate after many years?

If you want to know “How To Get Birth Certificate After 25 Years” then you are at the right place. The authorities of India has mandated to check in the start inside 21 days of the beginning. Simply positioned, the start registration need to not be not on time more than 21 days after the start of the kid. Sometimes, dad and mom ignore this mandate. Thereby, it turns into a big mission to get it later because:


  1. The ready authority levies penalty really worth masses of rupees.
  2. Parents may additionally or might not have the proofs in their child’s birth.
  3. The hospital or the pinnacle of the para-clinical team of workers may additionally take weeks to get better the beginning proofs.


Apart from the unregistered birth, the applicant might also lose it in the shifting of house or civil disobedience. Or perhaps, the hearth or flawed keeping may additionally harm your beginning evidence. In brief, you will be deprived of the very full-size delivery evidence.


Let’s get thru all cases sequentially and the ways to use for the delivery certificate.


How can one get the beginning certificates, if his start changed into unregistered whilst he changed into born?


Visit Municipal Corporation/Gram Panchayat


Being unregistered, your start registration requires a felony technique to be completed hierarchically. It begins with your go to to the equipped authority, i.E. Municipal Corporation (MC) or Gram Panchayat or Para Medical workplace inside the locality where the applicant turned into born.


Supporting Documents


Make sure that you have the ‘secondary evidence’, which ought to be other than the number one proofs of your birth. That may be any of the subsequent tick list:


Hospital statistics with the name of parents and the child, attested via the physician
School records, as in a School Leaving Certificate, Mark Sheet, Matriculation Certificate, Degree Certificate or tenth/12th Class Certificate
A letter from the School’s head stating the name, DoB and area collectively with the parent’s name on that legal letterhead
State of Federal Census records, like ration card  
A church record that bears its seal on the time while Baptism was occurred, declaring the call, parents’ name, vicinity and DoB
An adoption decree at the time of adoption
Voter ID Card
PAN Card
Passport (Expired or Current)
Aadhaar Card
Driver Licence


Together with it, affidavits for NABC from the mom and the father or any other close relative would be important. These affidavits have to be one after the other drafted.  Make positive that the affidavit should no longer be drafted by way of the applicant or the beneficiary himself.


As a long way because the sworn announcement is concerned, the content must encompass most of these details in its composition:


Full Name of the Affiant
Address of the Affiant
Date & Place of Birth of the Beneficiary
Relationship with the Beneficiary
A Complete Detail in The Context of Beneficiary’s Birth & Relationship

Statement on Letterhead


Place a request for an on-paper declaration in a prescribed layout. This statement ought to be written on the letterhead of the ‘registrar’ of the MC or ‘surpanch’ of gram panchayat or ‘HOD’ of the para-clinical staff. It ought to certainly kingdom that your beginning is not determined in their report books. The deputed registrar will seemingly mark that no report of the beginning of XYZ (applicant) born on, say, 21 December 1999, dwelling in Delhi or any other place exists inside the authorities data.

With most of these documents, you can observe for the birth certificate even after 30 years of your delivery in India. Keep into consideration that most of the government do no longer avail these documents except they are insisted. So, be persuasive to get the non-availability of the beginning certificate.

Otherwise, you have to pay a penalty quantity for the put off within the beginning registration.

Upon following those steps, you may fill Form-10 for Non-Availability of Birth Certificate. It could be notarized once it’s been duly stuffed. It’s a paid authorities service.

What happens in case you don’t have the start certificates for passport in India?

Rather, I have to say that you may be involved with “Can I get the passport with out my start certificate”.

The answer for “How To Get Birth Certificate After 25 Years” is, you could follow for the passport in India with no need your beginning certificates. A reputed newspaper has introduced this government assertion, which apparently abolished the pervasive Passport Rules 1980 that mandated the submission of this proof if the applicant turned into born after 26 January, 1989.

But now, any of these files would be enough to realise your start:

Transfer/School leaving/Matriculation certificate from the faculty final attended or any acknowledged educational board (ICSE, CBSC and the State boards)
PAN Card
E-Aadhaar Card
Voter ID Card
Driving Licence

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