How To Fix Kindle Not Responding Issue

Kindle is an amazing eReader that allow to grab best eReading experience whether it is related to reading ebooks, magazines or any other important document. However, kindle showcase technical faults which needs proper fix for removing such hard issues. If kindle not responding or operating on slow speed, however this error can get remove by rebooting kindle which will make device to work in right manner.


There is no doubt that kindle eReader makes very easier for reading eBooks, magazines and other important documents.
Yet, sometimes kindle encounters technical errors which requires proper fixation. Your kindle not responding or working slow to respond, well this issue can get settle by restarting kindle for making it to work like before.


Rebooting kindle is very easier to accomplish and process can get completed on faster note by following few steps . This technique is applicable for every kindle device. Follow the steps mention below for fixing kindle not responding issue.


How can I Fix kindle not responding issue?


1. Find power key which is located at bottom of kindle or depends upon which kindle variant you are using.
2. Slide or keep holding power key for at least forty seconds.
3. You will get to know that kindle is about to restart if power light goes out and display goes blank or dialog box gets showcase on display panel.
4. If dialog box showcases, the on-screen box will request you to affirm that you need to reboot device.
5. Choose restart option for finishing the procedure.
6. You need to make sure that on using kindle fire you must choose power key for turning on device.
7. Wait for few minutes after pressing restart key as the device will reboot and loads the library section. Afterward, start using kindle device as you were using before.

By following the above simple steps you can easily remove kindle not responding issue quickly.




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