How To Escape Domestic Violence? And How Alimony Can Help?

Domestic violence can occur in any relationship but often takes the strongest hold in relationships where one spouse depends on the other. Uneven financial earnings can create the potential for an abusive relationship because one spouse may use their financial advantage to hold power over the other person.


In marriages involving domestic abuse, victimized spouses may feel that there is no escape because they have no way to support themselves. On the contrary, there are resources that can help an abused spouse escape the cycle of violence.


Filing for Divorce and Initiate Proceedings


You don’t have to tolerate the trauma; if you are a victim of domestic violence, consider consulting an experienced Domestic Violence Lawyer about how you can safely file for divorce. During your divorce proceedings, you can make a case to have your spouse issue an alimony settlement. Alimony/Spousal support is payment from one spouse to another that can be court-ordered in a divorce. Typically, alimony is issued when a divorce would leave one spouse at a significant financial disadvantage. Also, you can initiate criminal proceedings for domestic violence.


How Alimony Can Help In Domestic Violence


While domestic abuse can sometimes seem inescapable, an experienced Domestic Violence Lawyer can help you recover resources during your divorce to restart your life. Alimony can be used to help an abused spouse escape an unhealthy or dangerous situation, support herself or himself, find a job, or return to school for further education. These court-ordered payments could be the answer to transitioning away from an abusive, dependent relationship to a self-sufficient life free from the threat of violence.



Abusive relationships are a tragedy, but they do not have to continue. Victims of spousal abuse or domestic violence may be able to seek help through criminal proceedings and the divorce process for transition to a better, healthier life.


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