How to Enjoy Holiday in Trivandrum

Trivandrum is a district that is not less than a precious gemstone in the Indian Subcontinent Kerala’s emerald necklace. It is an Indian district with a square feet area of 2192 km. As per the census carried out in the year 2011 its population was recorded as 33, 07,284. It consists of 11 blacks, 124 villages and 5 urban bodies within itself with a literacy rate of approximately 93%.


The district is a jewel of God’s own country Kerala; no doubt for its Sure shot visiting place ‘Parasuramanbeen’ which is known as a must-visit destination for ages even before National Geographic travelers certified it.


Holidays do make a difference. They contribute as a helping hand in our mental equilibrium. It allows us an opportunity to take a break from the monotonous routine and connect freshly with the people that matter the most in our lives. Holidays give us an opportunity to be real us or someone we always wanted to be. It gives us time to feel mental salvation and once we are back it is not only us with loaded luggage and cleaning duties but also a lot and a lot of good times and memories to cherish for lifelong.

Let us just glance at a few ways and must-dos when we are planning a holiday in Trivandrum: 

Trivandrum is the capital city of Kerala state but no wonder has not lost its beauty being the capital city of such a huge state. It is built on the seven hills and is an ideal retreat in the southern part of India. There is no doubt that it is the old world’s urban city. There are so many things and activities to do in and around the city that many times it creates confusions to people if visiting for a shorter span of time. There are so many things to restore and revitalize in Trivandrum Kovalam.


If one wants to Enjoy authentic filter coffee then the Indian coffee house has it; the most authentic to have in town. You cannot stop yourself from enjoying your visits to the most famous temples across the world in God’s own country. If exploring nature is on your list then Neyyar wildlife sanctuary it  is best place to visit trivandrum

If you wish to go boating and fishing then there is Neyyar dam. If you want to enjoy skydiving in breathtaking view then AMAS will be the best choice in Trivandrum and without any doubt will give you a lifelong experience to cherish. 

If you are someone fascinated by history and historical sites then historical museums will satisfy you to the core. There is no big satisfaction on any holiday other than shopping local stuff and for the same visit Chalai market is no doubt one of the best to give you an amazing shopping experience. 

If you are looking for rejuvenation then Ayushmanbhava Ayurvedic Centre in the town will do the needful for you. To get some good relaxation with some rejuvenation then Samudra beach will satisfy you. If you are looking for an option where you can explore the ancient royal life then there is no better option than Kanakakunnu Palace. For enjoying the city escape with your loved ones, consider Vizhinjam Lighthouse. 

if you fall under the category of ones who enjoy and appreciate different forms of art then without risking anything or thinking anything else visit Sri Chitra Art Gallery and Margi theatre to witness the work of world-renowned artists. If you are looking for embracing the freshness then Meenmutty Waterfalls and if spending a lazy evening is something in your mind then Valiyathura Pier is an answer.


To sum up, if you are someone who enjoys mountains, someone who looks for an adventure or is someone who just wants to get lazy and cozy on holidays or holidaying for shopping or just looking for a break from monotonicity and will enjoy anything and everything then Trivandrum is an answer to the needs of your holiday.

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