Monday, December 6th, 2021

How to Contact Office 365 Support and Resolve All Technical Glitches?

Microsoft Office 365 is an application that facilitates its users to manage Excel, Word, Outlook, OneNote, PowerPoint, and the like. People can produce a spreadsheet and create documents and share them easily with each other. But to avail yourself of its services regularly, you need an annual or monthly subscription. However, there is some likelihood of Office programming issues appearing when you work with its applications. To deal with them, you can contact Office365 Support. The support team will provide you with guidance on fixing your problems. But to get support from them, you need to log a ticket. In this article, you’ll learn how to create a support ticket.

Methods to Create a Ticket for MS Office 365 Support

You can create a ticket using various procedures. Here are some of them:

Log a Ticket from a Client Application on your System:

This process to log a ticket is not very challenging. Follow these stepwise instructions.

  • Open any of MS Office 365 applications and navigate to the section of ‘Help.’
  • Place a click on ‘Contact Support.’ 
  • Input accurately the kind of problem you are facing for which you need Office 365 help.
  • Next, click ‘Get Help.’
  • Microsoft will be matching your problem description with appropriate help posts.
  • After you choose the option according to the matched statement, click ‘Talk to an agent.’
  • A pane will launch. Choose ‘Live Chat.’
  • You will then be able to directly contact the tech support team. The team is active throughout the day to help you.

Log a Ticket from a Web App:

To log a ticket from a web app, you need to open any Microsoft Office program. Follow these steps.

  • Navigate to ‘File.’ Choose ‘Help.’
  • In the new window, tap ‘Contact Support.’
  • Now, tap on ‘Microsoft Support’ on the account page.
  • Tap the ‘Contact Support’ tab to launch the Virtual Support Agent window of Microsoft. It will help you with your problem.

Log a Ticket from the Office Account:

You can also log a ticket from the account page of Office 365 to get Microsoft Office 365 support. Follow these points.

  • Open your ‘Office 365 Account’ page on the browser. 
  • Log in to your account.
  • Then, tap the app launcher on the top-left part.
  • Place a click on ‘Office’ and then give a click on the sign of ‘?.’
  • Place a click on the ‘Contact Support.’
  • Click ‘Microsoft Support’ on the account page that opens. Press its tab to launch the Virtual Support Agent window.

You can also dial Office 365 contact number for support for finding instant solutions to various problems. Do it if you don’t want to take help from the web or client app.

Final Words

You can log a ticket and get useful Office 365 support through various means. Implement the method that feels comfortable to you the most. You will surely receive valuable guidance from trained professionals and troubleshoot the problems you currently face.

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