How to Block Airtel SIM Card 2021

how to block airtel sim

Airtel sim block! Hey if you are searching for how to block airtel sim if lost? So you are in the right place. If you are the customer of airtel mobile network and your airtel mobile phone stolen or lost. Then you need to block airtel sim immediately to prevent misuse of your number. There are some ways to ‘how to block airtel sim online ‘.

How to block Airtel Sim online?

In case you lost your Airtel Mobile Phone, then you need to stop your airtel services immediately by calling at 121. Calling at 121 will charge 50 paise per 3 min. You can also call 9849098490 from any mobile number of the Airtel network.



It’s extremely simple to deactivate your Airtel SIM number. Presently I am telling the means underneath.

  • Call to the Airtel client care 198 or 121
  • Instruct them to deactivate your portable number.
  • They will confirm your responsibility for versatile number.
  • Offer the correct response to confirm the SIM card proprietor subtleties.
  • Subsequent to checking every one of the subtleties they will deactivate your number, be that as it may, you can begin administration again by calling them.
  • That is it.
  • Along these lines, do this without anyone else’s help and be cheerful
  • Visit the Airtel helpline site

Can I block my SIM if my phone is lost?

Yes, in case you’ve lost your phone you can block the SIM card by calling 121.

If you Airtel Sim card says like ‘SIM Card Rejected’ or ‘Blocked Card’ or ‘Check Operator Services’?

Then you Airtel sim wont work you need to take a new sim, visit the airtel outlet with a copy of your photo ID proof, proof of address and you will get your Airtel mobile number activated within 4 hours.

How can you talk to Airtel customer care executive directly?

Dial 121 or 198 from your Airtel Number, enter * and 5 then you will Be asked to Confirm the Action to Connect with Airtel Customer care executive.

What if my mobile phone is found after I have reported the loss to airtel?

Call 121 to get your number unbarred or unblocked.

So this is the method to how to block your Airtel SIM online you like this post if you like then please share with your friends and family and also you can read more articles about your network

How to Block Airtel connection or Airtel SIM card

It’s very easy to deactivate your Airtel SIM number. Now I am telling the steps below.

  • Call to the Airtel customer care 198 or 121
  • Tell them to deactivate your mobile number.
  • They will verify your ownership of this mobile number.
  • Give the right answer to verify the SIM card owner details.
  • After verifying all the details they will deactivate your number, however, you can start service again by calling them.
    That’s it.
  • So, do this yourself and be happy
  • Visit the Airtel helpline website

How to Block In case of lost SIM card

For individual SIM cards, make a call to your sim card network operator helpline (such as 121), or direct visit to the customer care center. After SIM card number verification (like FNF number, mother name, birth date, ID card verification, or last recharge amount verification), the helpline will execute a bar request to close your SIM card.

For corporate SIM cards, you need to send the request to the SIM card network operator by your corporate line manager or key account manager. Some cases you need a GD copy along with an application have to submit and a form has to fill up correctly.

  • For GSM features deactivation, activate “Forward all call” using specific code by SIM network operator (like, *002*[Phone Number]#).
  • For GSM features activation, cancel All sorts of call forwarding using specific code (like ##002#)

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