Friday, December 3rd, 2021

How to Acquire a South Africa Critical Skills Visa

South Africa is an excellent destination, especially for students and skilled professionals. The country has a comfortable lifestyle and has several things to cheer about. Some of its lively cities include Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg, and Durban.

Quite a few immigrants pay a visit to SA on a temporary visa. The country offers many different sorts of visas, counting medical, work, or residence visas.

What is a Critical Skills Visa?

This visa was newly introduced and substituted the previous exceptional skills and quota work visas. It comes under the category of work visas.

The South Africa critical skills visa benefits both the immigrants and the nation’s economy. The prime purpose of this visa is to help the South African Department of Trade and Industry achieve the goals of various programs such as The National Growth Plan, The National Development Plan, and The Industrial Policy Action Plan.

Under the South Africa Critical Skills Work Visa system, the immigrants with exceptional skills or qualifications lacking in the country will be authorized to immigrate to SA and work. The skills and jobs that are highly demanded in the country were recognized by the South Africa Department of Higher Education and Training. 

How to Apply For a Critical Skills Work Visa?

A foreign person holding a long-term visa and not having a medical or visitor visa can apply for a critical skills work visa in South Africa. The applicant needs to show whether he or she falls into any specific critical skills occupational category listed in the Critical Skills List. After that, the applicant is required to meet the regulatory requisites related to that category.

What Is The Validity Period Of The Critical Skills Work Visa?

A South African critical skills work visa is a long-term visa. You can make use of it to enter South Africa to begin work. This visa can be issued for a period of 5 years. The actual validity will be based on your particular situations. If you haven’t got a job and don’t have an employment offer, too, this visa will be applicable for just one year.

You can renew the critical skills visa on the condition that you meet all the visa renewal requirements. Those seeking a visa renewal should pay the relevant fee.

Critical Skills Work Visa Requirements

  • A passport with a validity of at least one month after the termination of the planned visit.
  • A completed online application form
  • Medical report
  • Marriage certificate
  • A radiological report
  • Evidence of legitimate adoption (if applicable)
  • Death certificate, with regard to late spouse (if applicable)
  • Police clarification certificate
  • A yellow fever vaccination certificate

Processing Time for a Critical Skills Work Visa

The processing of the critical skills work visa application normally takes 4 to 6 weeks. The South Africa Department of Home Affairs has lately employed novel efficiencies to sanction these visas to be granted within a sensible timeframe.

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