How Much Will it Cost To Design And Develop A Travel App?

We thrive in an era where everything happens in the blink of an eye. Whether you wish to hail a cab, order food, book a table or talk to your friend, everything around is fast-paced. And to provide the pace or meet the requirements, businesses are now expected to go online.

Even though the trend of going online has been in the industry for ages, it is only now that it is regarded as the crux of the business’s success. Also, when we say one needs to digitize their offerings, we emphasize developing apps. Business websites, though an alternative, aren’t as convenient as mobile apps. Nearly, every business is inching towards the adoption of mobile apps and the travel industry is no less.

In case you too belong to the travel industry or have a fresh gravel start-up, it’s time that you considered developing an app.

Wondering how much it would cost to design and develop the app?

Let’s find out
App Development Cost

The cost of developing a travel app isn’t the game of cards. Instead, it needs to be calculated based on certain factors. Only after you have analyzed and assessed the different elements, can you specify the cost of the app?

Features to be added

The first thing that influences the cost of managing an App Development Company is the features and functionalities embedded within the app. The more you enhance the app functionality, the price is bound to rise. Even if you keep your app to the minimum of the set, it needs to have a social media sharing facility, the Geolocation tab, several payment options, ratings and reviews, and search filters.

Apart from the above, one can integrate modern tools and technologies to enhance the app functionality and as you do that, the price alters.

Platform Of Development

The second factor is the chosen platform for app development. Whether you want to target the Android market or the iOS industry, it has a major impact on the price of developing the app. As it appears, the time taken to develop the Android app is more, and hence, the resources and manpower associated with it are also high. This in a way increases the cost of development. However, it is important to note that the Android market is more promising and even though it requires huge investment, it does account for greater returns.


The third consideration is whether you would look for an app development company or hire freelancers. Specifically, the former would be cost draining and definitely charge you more than others. On the contrary, freelancers charge less and can also provide optimal app quality.

Technology Stack

Another factor that affects the cost of development is the technologies used for the same. Using traditional platforms tends to optimize the cost whereas they suffer in terms of efficiency. On the contrary, modern-day tools and frameworks, though expensive addition to the feature and functionality of the app, making it revenue draining.

In addition to the above, the total resources put to use, and the manpower work done to develop the app have an impact on the cost of app development.

Final Word

It is pretty clear that the cost of designing and developing an app is reliant on a number of factors. In case, you are planning to have an app developed, make sure you have your requirements upright.

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