How much do you need to rent a condo in Singapore?

Singapore has one of the most expensive costs of living all over the world. This is not a surprise since it also offers one of the highest qualities of life in Asia. Although it is divided into regions that have different ranges of costs of living, it is still generally expensive to live here. One living necessity is housing. 

Housing prices in Singapore are affected by many factors. One of the most identified causes of expensive housing prices in Singapore is the number of demands. Since Singapore is one that houses many different businesses and corporations from different industries, there are also many job opportunities. This factor attracts many individuals to Singapore and therefore increases the competition for a living space.

With this, there are many corporations that have gotten into building real estate. These real estates vary from landed properties, apartments, and condominium complexes. Today, there is a growing demand for condos. They provide many perks. One of the most sought after condos today is the Kopar at Newton Condo. This is because the pit is affordable and practical. 

However, with the convenience and amenities that a condo offers, it is not news that the condo price Singapore value is relatively more expensive than other properties. The condo price Singapore is mostly driven by the many amenities and convenience condos offer. So, here are some things you need when renting a condo in Kopar at Newton Condo or other condo complexes. 

Typical rent costs

Since Singapore is divided into regions, there are different ranges of condo price Singapore in these regions. The most expensive to live in is the Central region. This is where the majority of businesses take place. It is expensive because it offers more accessibility to the individuals living in it. This region is further divided into 15 districts. It is known that districts 1-10 are the most expensive districts to live in. Renting a one-bedroom condo in the central region can cost a condo price Singapore fee of $4000-$6000. Although Kopar at Newton Condo is located in district 9 in the Central region it is relatively cheaper and more affordable than other condo complexes.


The least expensive region or part of Singapore is the North region. This is because this is one of the most underdeveloped parts so there would be no amenities and perks once a person resides here. There are also limited condo units here as it is not profitable enough. 

There are many tips one can do to be able to afford the condo price Singapore costs in places like the central district. So, let us discuss some tips to save money and be able to afford a unit in Kopar at Newton condo or other condo complexes in the Central region. 

Tips to save for rent

Prioritize necessities

The first tip to be able to afford the condo price Singapore fee is to prioritize your necessities. One should not impulsively buy things that aren’t needed. Nowadays, we tend to carelessly buy as things have become more accessible through online shopping. You will be surprised just how much you can save by avoiding things that you do not need. One must focus on things that are necessary to survive like food and clothing. This way, you can be able to afford a decent unit in Kopar at Newton condo or other condo complexes. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t buy luxuries at all just to have an expensive unit. Everything in moderation should be observed as tons of money are being wasted on unnecessary purchases. 

Savings account

Another great step to be able to save is to place your money somewhere that you would not be tempted to spend. One is a savings account in a bank that you trust. This way your money would not be easily accessible. You would have to think twice before purchasing something. Some also offer interest to sums of money that are sleeping in their banks. This might be helpful in saving up for the condo price Singapore cost. 

Save up on utilities

Lastly, one can learn to save or not waste electricity and water. Saving up from utility costs can be a big help. This is easy since most condo units are relatively smaller than apartments. This means that you wouldn’t need to use large amounts of energy and water to maintain the unit. 

Explore more

Singapore may be an expensive place to live in, however, there are many measures that you can take to afford a decent and accessible unit. Visit us in SRX Property today to know more. 


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