How Mobile Apps have made Stock Market Trading easier?

Mobile Trading Apps are Apps on Android Play Store or iOS Apple App Store that enable the user to directly trade in the stock market and also get information about latest trends, news etc. All features like Buying or Selling of stocks, Checking stock market prices, Managing the portfolio and dividends are available in the app itself. Thus, instead of trading by calling up your broker or logging into your trading account in your laptop, you can easily and safely trade via mobile trading apps on the go.

The mobile trading apps are proprietary apps developed by each stock broking company that is based on trading software. When you register with a broker, make sure they have developed mobile trading apps also in Android or iOS. With the common Login and Password, you can trade via your laptop or mobile app just as effectively. At Enrich, we have developed Enrich Hunt in Android and in iOS which is a Stock and Commodity Trading App to analyse and trade financial instruments in MCX, NSE.

Real time market data, market analysis, personalized market watch list, placing orders with a few taps, Transfer funds to bank account easily are some of the salient features of our App.

How is Stock trading easier with Mobile Trading Apps?

Trading used to be a very cumbersome task in the olden days. Nowadays with online trading account, buying or selling of stocks has become much easier. But you are still stuck to your desktop or laptop to do the trading.

Here is how the Mobile Apps have made Stock trading easier:


As the name suggests, the whole of the trading software is fit into your palm with the mobile trading app. You are not stuck to your office room or laptop at home to do your trading. You can now do it from where ever you are, even when you are travelling.


You have the flexibility to place orders via your broker, or laptop or do it yourself quickly on your mobile app itself. Since all data is centralised, you do not have to worry about syncing data. In case you do not have access to your regular laptop or desktop, you have the flexibility to do it via the mobile app also.

Timely decision making

With Stock Markets, time is money and the mobile apps help you take timely decisions and execute them yourself without waiting for somebody’s assistance. When you decide to buy or sell, you now have the mobile app to execute the trade at the time you want to, thereby, possibly saving you lot of money.

Quick and Easy Buy or Sell

You can buy or sell with a few taps on the mobile app interface much faster than on a laptop or through your broker. Please note, do browse the apps of at least 2-3 brokers before you decide which one you are going to be using on your mobile. The User Interface should be very intuitive and easy to execute trades.

Personalization and Trend Analysis

Apart from trading, many apps provide personalized market watch list and also give you valuable insights on latest trends, financial news, real time charts. This way, you will not miss out on any of the latest news and will also help you take informed decisions.

Notification of Order Execution and Price Alerts

The Mobile Trading Apps are also very useful in pushing notifications onto your mobile when a transaction is completed. It can also send you a price change alert to take an action immediately. Thus, you need not keep checking the price and wasting all your time worrying about the right time to buy or sell.

Best Stock Android App

To decide which is the best stock android app for you, do enquire about the android app developed by the stock brokers, you are considering to register with. Please note, you must check if

  • features and functionalities are available to execute transactions quickly
  • you get access to financial trends and analysis for taking decisions.
  • you get timely notifications and alerts.

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