How Do Employment Agencies Work

Employment agencies aim to match the right job candidate with the right position. Their input can help save time both employees & employers. If you are presently looking for a job, you might want to know more about staffing agencies to use their services.

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In this article, we explain how employment agencies work…

What Do Employment Agencies Do?

Employment agencies recruit employees on behalf of employers looking to fill positions and help candidates find suitable jobs. The positions are sometimes impermanent and can be part time or full time. Staffing agencies allow recruits who are ready to start working in a new industry to gain experience & test new positions previous to committing to them. They are as well known as recruitment firms or temp agencies. They generally specialize in a particular industry.

From the job opening to hiring, here is how employment agencies work:

1. Employers Contact the Agency

At what time they require to hire new staff, employers contact a staffing agency specializing in their industry. The employer specifies the job requirements, number of employees required, and rate they will pay & for what periods staff needs to work. Based on this information, the agency creates a job description and advertises it on its website or other job boards. Recruiters might also use social media or different professional networks.


2. Candidates Apply

Job candidates can browse a job opening on the agency’s website or different channels. They can as well meet with recruiters to talk about their qualifications. In both situations, the recruiters review their talent and background and then select corresponding positions that employers are looking to fill. The candidates sign up with the agency, who will manage the whole recruitment and hiring process. Candidates receive feedback to improve their chances of achievement.

3. Interview

Once the agency finds potential candidates for positions, they perform screening interviews. Depending on the type of position, employers may participate in the interview procedure. Staffing agencies introduce the chosen candidates to the employers, who decide who they want to hire.

4. Contracts and Pay

The agencies take care most of the official procedure, for example managing the candidates’ contracts and terminating then when essential. They manage employment taxes, as well as Social Security, and payroll. Employers can save time and energy by using employment agencies’ services. For temporary place staffing agencies pay the employees straightforwardly. When the employees get hired by the company for which they performed an impermanent job and did well, the employer takes over the payroll.

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