How Authors Help Book Publicity Campaigns

With hundreds of traditionally and self-published books coming out every week, the competition is more intense than ever before. It’s why everything about a book marketing campaign needs to be flawless – and it takes support from you as an author to bring success. First off, it’s crucial to know your book’s audience for both the mainstream and niche markets. For example, a book about managing your money and how to invest it will easily appeal to personal finance media. It can also work for self-help content in women’s and men’s magazine/website brands, on newspaper lifestyle pages, etc.

As you put together your book marketing plan, make sure to share your expectations with your book marketer before you sign a retainer. It helps publicists have a candid conversation with you based on their experience about what can happen versus your goals. There may be some media outlets on your list that are unlikely, and good publicity firms will be upfront with you about those. At the same time, they can explain the opportunities for a book like yours and what they feel you can expect to happen. Clear upfront communication also leads to stronger plans and more effective campaigns overall.

As you’re finalizing the plan for how to market a book, it’s vital to decide on and communicate your goals, both short and long-term. It will help your publicist execute your campaign with creative and sustainable pitching approaches. The objectives are two-fold:  promoting your book and branding you as an author so that you are well-positioned for continued success. There is significant added value in a publicity campaign that positions you as an expert in your subject area. Once you’re known this way, media of all types will seek out interviews and comments related to your topic expertise.

It’s also helpful to know what makes you interesting as an interview guest. The topic or topics covered in your book might not be the only things you’re qualified to discuss as an expert. Therefore, think about what makes you unique? You should always think creatively, and don’t hesitate to step beyond the boundaries of your book.  Additional expertise may spring from your educational, career, family, and lifestyle backgrounds. The more ideas you can give your publicist to help broaden your appeal to the media, the better. When your publicist can position you as an exciting guest, you’ll land interviews.

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