How A Drug Crime Lawyer Can Defend You From Serious Penalties

It’s a severe crime to be involved with the growing and selling of marijuana. Government authorities are keen on curbing these types of activities and work day and night to apprehend drug criminals in the area.

As a result, people arrested due to such a crime are likely to face serious consequences and face years in prison. Yet severe penalties and imprisonment can be minimized or even dismissed with a experienced drug crime lawyer in your case.

A drug crime attorney will be able to ensure that the constitutional procedure is not compromised. The usual defense in a marijuana case initially demands a careful examination of your arrest and a full investigation of what took place, also to ascertain whether the arrest suggests unreasonable searches or seizures on behalf of the accused.

Security against unreasonable searches and seizures is a fundamental right of an accused person. For example, a move on the part of the apprehending officer may have occurred during an arrest that did not conform to proper procedures. This will quickly contribute to the release of the arrested individual. 

In addition to targeting the validity of the arrest, the accused person can be pardoned from marijuana possession charges with the help of an able drug crime lawyer. A drug crime lawyer can find other ways to save the accused from the penal burden.

The law office of Cole Paschall Law offers comprehensive consultations so that you have a chance at avoiding severe penalties for your suspected crimes or at least get away with lighter punishment like community services. Contact the criminal law office of Cole Paschall Law, one of the best drug crime lawyers in Fort Worth, TX at (817)-477-4100, to start building a strong and impactful defense against your criminal charges.

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