High-Quality is Essential in Virtual Tours

Excellent pictures and crystal-clear video quality are the essential attributes of successful real estate photographers. Anything that is less than the top quality will cause most buyers to click away. As a result, it’s easy to understand why brokers in the Triad, NC, area want the best real estate photographer Greensboro can offer. It takes many things, including the right software, to produce an exceptional online tour. Proper staging is also vital. Empty rooms don’t show well to prospective buyers and should be avoided. The goal is to help people envision what it looks like to furnish and live in a property.

Before recording a virtual tour for a real estate listing, it helps significantly to add furnishings and décor. They should bring about a feeling of warmth and livability but never appear cluttered. An open feeling and sense of space is a crucial selling point for real estate. Most decorators who consult the industry suggest a neutral décor that doesn’t heavily conflict with a buyer’s style. Lighter and less intense colors also open up the look of a space and create a sense of volume. Also, photographic experts recommend that you walk a space before producing a virtual tour to select the most flattering angles and views. 

If you’re a broker or agent, you’ll quickly see that posting advanced content like real estate virtual tours tells a property’s story holistically. It’s a quality level that conventional photography can’t match. What you’ll be doing with the 3D tour is providing a richer context that tells the story of a property, each one uniquely. Well-recorded video walk-throughs of a property include photos of every room with the ability to zoom in for detail. If you’re using 3D Matterport technology, you can also include floor plans for prospective buyers. Each of these added details makes the online presentation more complete.

Have you ever thought about using online tours to show the property surrounding a home as well as the interior? 360-degree imagery of a beautifully landscaped yard and well-tended grounds can be a selling point to many buyers. If you focus only on the house and its interior, you may be missing some of the most important considerations for some online home shoppers. Also, keep in mind the all-important details like recording on a sunny day, and selecting advantageous shots. If a gorgeous sunset is viewable through a picture window at a specific time of day, showing it will improve your tour exponentially.

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