Saturday, December 4th, 2021

High-end Peer-to-Peer Marketplace NTH Collective Offers Free Memberships For Users

NTH launched on 7th October 2021 with an initial 250 products, with a starting retail price of £120.00. The company was founded in 2021 by Shivani and Rab Selvaratnam, an Australian-British couple of Sri Lankan heritage, with a mission to make fashion more accessible and circular, by empowering the community to make more sustainable choices in fashion.

Unlike other peer-to-peer marketplaces, the collective sells clothing products online in UK in a simple process: item listings only take two minutes to upload using the collective’s simple listing form, they are approved within 24 hours, users can take their own photography (in line with the site’s guidelines) and the collective only takes a 17.5% commission (lower than other designer resale sites).

Committed to nurturing a sense of trust amongst the collective by delivering genuine and authentic goods, all submissions are quality controlled and any over the value of £250 are authenticated before reaching the buyer, in partnership with Real Authentication.

NTH is focused on providing a platform to sell unique fashion products in the UK, and growing their community of sustainably savvy, fashion-forward like-minded individuals.

Memberships are free and provide users access to the latest news and releases, as well as exclusive promotional offers. Membership also enables sellers to manage their listings sales and payments all within one simple dashboard. Sellers are able to:

Edit listings and prices to make them as competitive as possible

View earnings to date and potential earnings from live listings 

Connect bank accounts via the collective’s secure payment provider, Stripe, for automatic payouts

Contact NTH HQ using the live chat functionality who will resolve any questions or queries in real time

NTH was founded upon the core pillars of trust, security and simplicity and aims to deliver just that for all its users. With an ever growing community of wardrobes, NTH is the space to watch.

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