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Healthpally hints on Taking Care of your Bed for Better Sleep and Health

Healthy sleep is very important to sound health.

To achieve healthy sleep, you need to make your bedroom suitable for deep sleep and keep yourself relaxed.

Here are our tips to achieve this. 

  • Well- cared for, clean and Hygienic Mattresses

In the morning after getting up, fold back the duvet so that the mattress and duvet can deflate quickly. 

Make sure that your mattress or bed is well ventilated from below so that mold cannot form.

Turn your mattress every time you change bed linen – so swap the head end and foot end. 

If you don’t have a mattress with a winter and a summer side, Healthpally advise you turn the mattress (swap top side – bottom side). 

It is also advisable to put the mattress in the sunlight more often to air out. 

This kills germs. Please note: latex mattresses must never be exposed to direct sunlight.

To clean the mattress, healthpally recommended to use a vacuum cleaner (low suction power). 

Use mild detergent and a soft brush to clean the mattress more thoroughly and give it a fresh scent. 

Some mattresses also have a washable cover. It is recommended to wash it twice a year. 

You should avoid knocking out the mattress, which used to be very popular if you have horsehair or natural fiber mattress. 

When knocking out such mattresses, internal damage can occur.

To protect the mattress, we recommend using an additional pad. 

To improve the sleeping climate, mattress pads made of cotton, sheep’s wool, or hemp are ideal. 

This can significantly extend the life of your mattress. 

On average, mattresses will last around 10 years with good care. 

Then a new mattress should be purchased.

Proper Care of the Mattress

✓ Fold back the duvet after getting up.

✓ Turn and / or turn the mattress every time you change the bed linen.

✓ Occasionally vacuum the mattress and set it up to ventilate.

✓ If possible, wash the cover twice a year.

✓ Use a washable mattress pad.

✓ Replace the mattress after 10 years at the latest.

Light and feather bedding

Occasionally, lumps appear in pillows and duvets that are filled with feathers. 

To break up these clumps, simply open the seam a few inches and use a blow dryer to blow cold air into the inside of the pillow or blanket.

This way, duvets, and pillows become airy and light again for more comfort and a night of pleasant sleep.

If you have washed down pillows or duvets in the washing machine for a thorough cleaning, put a tennis ball or two in the dryer.

The tennis balls ensure that the down is released from each other while drying and that pillows and blankets become loosely fluffy again.

Even with proper care and regular airing, duvets and down duvets should not be used for more than 8 years., says healthpally.

In this context, a note on the service life of duvets with branded fiber fillings.

Here, they should be replaced after 6 to a maximum of 8 years. 

Sheep’s wool duvets often retain an impeccable appearance for a long time. 

After about 6 to 8 years, however, the natural properties of the new wool are usually lost and a new blanket should be purchased. 

Duvets and pillows made from other materials (of inferior quality) have a significantly shorter “half-life”. 

They should be disposed of after three years and replaced with new bedding.

Proper Care of the Duvet

✓Shake well every day after sleep and leave uncovered, do not put a bedspread over it (prevents moisture wicking).

✓Wash twice a year in the washing machine (not possible with animal hair fillings). 

Put a tennis ball in the dryer and dry thoroughly.

✓ Replace after 6-8 years.

Mite-free through the Night

Mattresses are popular places to stay for dust mites, as they prefer to feed on the dead skin cells of the sleeping person. 

The mites are completely harmless for healthy people, but they arouse massive feelings of disgust when you look at these arachnids more closely under the microscope. 

For allergy sufferers, the presence of dust mites is associated with adverse health effects, as they often react with a rash on the animal’s excrement.

To prevent the nasty tiny crawlers from the bedroom, the room temperature should not be above 18 degrees and the humidity below 50 percent. 

Healthpally boss also recommend the use of a mite-proof mattress cover.

Existing dust mites can be combated with neem oil.

 You can get neem oil in the pharmacy or drugstore.

 Spray your mattress with it every two to three days. 

After four weeks at the latest, you can look forward to a mite-free bed and unclouded sleeping comfort.

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