Sunday, December 5th, 2021

Halo Infinites New Bad Guy Is A Creepy Little Dude, Devs Say

With Halo Infinite quickly moving toward its December 8 delivery date, were beginning to study the story thatll occur between all the shooting. One of the most risky adversaries in the impending game, for example, is a fella named Jega Rdomnai, who fundamentally seems like a Jokerfied rendition of Master Chiefs foe turned-partner the Arbiter.

[Jegas] practically like the backwards of what youd anticipate from the Arbiter, Halo story author Jeff Easterling as of late told IGN, alluding to Master Chiefs partner from past games. We asked ourselves, What is the psycho component of the Arbiter?

Something we attempted to do with Jega was make him into the creepiest, most upsetting person that has been in Halo, added partner imaginative chief Paul Crocker. Simply every time you see him…he views at things as prey. The entire experience of how he plays with Chief is just…how he is.

Like most adversaries in Halo Infinite, Jega has a place with a gathering known as the Banished. And keeping in mind that that name might invoke pictures of horrendous screamo groups from the mid aughts, theyre really a group of the Covenant, a hostile outsider realm in the Halo establishment, who split away and took over Zeta Halo, the ringed establishment whereupon Infinite happens.

As one of the Banisheds first class Spartan Killer fighters, Jegas principle objective is bringing down Master Chief. Hes in any event, ready to part from Covenant custom and introduce mechanical prosthetics to do as such.

His desire for the fight to come and retribution totally offsets even his own pride in his own way of life, said Easterling.

While the vast majority of Master Chiefs foes over the course of the years have been serious and battle ready, Jega fills a significant messed up little man specialty the series infrequently contacts. Also, lets be realistic: Halo just stands to profit from the tricks of a dreadful fella playing off its amusingly rough and self-genuine heroes.

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