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Steps To Connect Brother Printer To Wifi:

  • First of all click on the “Control Panel” and then give a click on the “Menu” button
  • Choose “All Settings” from the list of those multiple options
  • Scroll the mouse to go to “Network” and then press “OK”
  • Now, go to “Network Reset”, and then press “OK”
  • Press ‘1’ to say yes and again press “1” to confirm the reboot
  • Now the Brother printer will reboot
  • Once the rebooting process is completed, it will ask you to ‘Setup WI-FI’
  • Now press the ‘OK’ button three times simultaneously to launch the Setup Wizard’
  • Choose your ‘WI-FI Network’ from the list
  • Now enter the Wi-Fi password
  • Then press ‘OK’ and press ’1’ to apply settings
  • You will get a connection ok report. Then it will print automatically to let you know your Brother Printer now connected to WIFI.

How to go for the Brother Wireless Printer Setup?

You have the advantage to print documents from a laptop computer wirelessly. This gives you the leverage to print without the clutter of wires. You can successfully perform your Brother printer Install in the correct manner to print wirelessly. You just need to understand the proper keys to press.
Let’s go through the simple instructions below for your Brother Wireless Printer Setup
  • Switch on both laptops as well as a router.
  • Now power on your Brother Printer.
  • After switching on Brother Printer, navigate to the menu of your Brother Printer.
  • Proceed with Brother Printer Not Working With Mac by Going to “Network.” and Clicking on “WLAN”. And, then on “Setup Wizard.
  • If you view the message “Network I/F switched to Wireless” in your window, press on entering.
  • Now look at your network on the results list and then click “Enter.” Find the encryption type of your network and click “Enter” again.
These steps will solve How to connect brother printer to wifi. If you want more guidance on How to connect Brother printers to wifi Support then without any hesitation connect with us. You can give us a call at toll-free & Brother printer customer care.

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