Getting an employment work visa in Singapore

There are many job opportunities in Singapore because of the different businesses that conduct their operations here. These businesses in Singapore demand a large workforce. However, the Singapore population cannot meet this said demand. So, Singapore offers employment work visa to interested foreign individuals. 


These corporations that come from different industries are in Singapore because it has one of the best economies. In 2020, it was crowned as the most business-friendly economy in the world. In addition to this, it was even named as the third most corrupt-free country. These kinds of conditions make Singapore an ideal place to register your company.


Since there are different business companies in Singapore, the labor demand is also varied. There are job positions intended for working professionals to unskilled laborers. For professionals, the employment pass is appropriate while laborers can get a work permit Singapore visa.


If you are interested in getting an employment work visa in Singapore then this article is for you. We will talk about visas such as the employment pass and the work permit Singapore visa.

Types of employment visas and how to get them

Employment pass

As mentioned above the employment pass is intended for working professionals. To qualify for this employment work visa you have to have a job offer in any Singapore-registered company. Unlike the work permit Singapore visa this has a minimum salary requirement of at least $4,500 monthly. You should also have a university degree or diploma that is relevant to the job that you want to apply for. 


For other candidates, Singapore acquires a higher minimum salary. More experience and credentials will also be demanded if you are in your 40s. A local sponsor company or third-party service provider is allowed to process the application for the said can delete.


This employment work visa is valid for one to two years. If no bad behavior will be recorded, Singapore allows renewal for up to three years. The holder will also be allowed to apply for a visa for their family members. 


If you want to apply for this employment work visa you can use the self-assessment tool to check if you are qualified. The application usually takes around three weeks if the sponsor company is in Singapore. However, the application may stretch for up to eight weeks if the sponsor company does not have a Singaporean office. 

S pass

If the employment work visa for professionals is the employment pass, this one is intended for mid-skilled workers. Examples of mid-skilled workers are truck and taxi drivers, flight attendants, waiters, and bartenders. 


They also have to have a job offer from any Singaporean registered company to qualify. Aside from that, a minimum salary of $2,500 monthly is also required. When it comes to academic qualifications, a diploma or degree is preferred. However, the Singaporean government accepts credentials such as training certificates that are relevant to the job position that they are applying for. 


It is also the local Singaporean company or a trusted third-party agency that can apply for this employment work visa. It would cost around $105 per application and an additional fee will be charged once it is issued. This pass will also be valid for up to two years and can be renewed for up to three years.


One of the benefits of this employment work visa is the fact that holders are entitled to medical insurance from their employer. They can also bring their family members to Singapore. The self-assessment tool is also available to know if you are qualified for this type of visa. 

Personalized employment pass

You can upgrade your employment pass if you want to enjoy more benefits. The employment pass can be a personalized employment pass once you are earning at least $12,000 monthly. For foreign individuals who want to apply for this visa, a minimum monthly salary of $18,000 is required.


Unlike the first two types of employment work visas, this can be applied directly by the interested candidate. They can also work in any sector as long as they meet the requirements of that job position.  Lastly, holders can also change jobs without applying for a new visa. They would just need to notify the government that they are changing employers.

Work permit Singapore

For unskilled tumid skilled workers, a work permit Singapore visa will be issued. Laborers from the construction manufacturing marine shipyard process and services sector may acquire this work visa.


Sector-specific requirements are set by the Singaporean government. In generally interested individuals should have the necessary skills and knowledge that are relevant to the job that they are applying for. 


However, there is a quota for the number of workers being accepted per sector. So it is important that you have a competitive card and shows or qualifications when you want to apply for the work permit Singapore visa. 


Holders of this type of visa are also entitled to medical insurance from their employers. The Singaporean government also mandates employers to give other benefits to work permit Singapore holders. 


Entrepreneurs are also encouraged to apply as there is a visa intended for them. The EntrePass is given to interested business owners. One of the qualifications that they have to meet is having a business idea that meets the standards. The business must be venture-backed or has technological innovations that are proprietary to Singapore. 


The interested Individual can apply for this type of employment to work visa even if the company is already registered. Ever the company cannot be registered for more than six months when you want to apply for this visa. Singapore also allows individuals to apply even if the company is not yet registered. The candidate should just submit a business profile and other requirements to serve as proof of the said business.

Apply for a visa today

Applications for visas just like the work permit Singapore visa are easy as long as your requirements are ready. Get the help of trusted service providers to ensure a smooth process. Ren Ai Group is one of the most efficient agencies today. Contact us to know more details. 

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