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The future of medicine is changing so much that many doctors that attend medical school are learning how to use alternative technologies for patients they may physically never see or touch. These days, patients would not have to go to a doctor’s office personally to seek medical help. They just set up a meeting to speak to their doctor and communicate over the phone or video visit services.

The doctor who has all of the medical records in front of them with the help of Telemedicine will consult you about the illness and eventually prescribe medications. The doctor may also submit the prescription directly to the pharmacy of the patient’s choice. The patient gets the medications they need, so they don’t have to go to the doctor’s office.

This form of consultation between doctors and patients is increasing rapidly because of the convenience of not having to sit and wait in a waiting room while feeling sick. Now, patients can relax and stay in the comfort of their home for their physician to consult them and diagnose any health issues.

Patients also save money by not having to pay for a hefty doctor’s visit. Many medical insurance policies require a patient to pay a co-pay every time they walk into their doctor’s office. By consulting a physician through Telemedicine, patients can save money and time away from the office.

One can see why telemedicine consultations are beginning to become popular. Even doctors who have recently retired are renewing their license to practice medicine to be a part of the growing needs of Telemedicine. Besides, aged, busy, and patients living in remote areas always prefer telemedicine services due to more comfortable and convenient health care.

CityDoc, the pioneer in Telemedicine, is ready to serve all of your family’s urgent medical care needs. Our physicians and staff prepared to treat patients of all ages, from children to adults to seniors. We bridge the gap between the emergency room and your primary care provider. We commonly treat 90 percent of diagnoses observed in the emergency room, but with shorter wait times and at a fraction of the cost.

We provide affordable health care as an in-network provider for most insurance plans. If you’re without insurance, our easy self-pay pricing will go easy on the wallet. Stay at home or work and connect with a CityDoc provider from your computer or smartphone using our Video Visit service. Visit today for more information.

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