Gerard Way remembers writing Welcome to the Black Parade

Throughout their musical career as a band, My Chemical Romance has featured a wide selection of commercial hits, but perhaps none with the same reach as “Welcome to the Black Parade,” the opening single from the third album. group studio. “The Black Parade”, whose main theme includes elements of a funeral nature such as mourning and the acceptance of death.


So far, the song is considered one of the great anthems of “emo music” and serves as a direct reference to mention the great cultural impact of this subculture in the early 2000s, so it is not. surprising that Gerard Way, a former singer of the group, still offers his impressions of the song.

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In a conversation with Steve Baltin on his My Turning Point podcast, Gerard Way introduced new insight into the songwriting process behind “Welcome to the Black Parade,” which he said was really collaborative, yet sharing a few words about the meaning of his words.

“The triumph of the human spirit over darkness was something that has been shaped into the group’s DNA from the start. Knowing yourself, triumphing over the mind and things like that, going through really tough things, ”said Way, who believes that overcoming the darkness of the world has a level of beauty both on the outside and on the outside. inside.

It’s a difficult thing, but it’s beautiful if you can do it, if you can overcome it. It’s a theme that’s definitely in Black Parade, the song, and in my work.




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Gerard Way assures us that “Welcome to the Black Parade” was a collaborative experience between the members of the group, who worked in the recording studios of The Paramour Mansion to work on this album. The singer assures that he and his companions were a little depressed and isolated from the rest of the world at that time.

After the members of My Chemical Romance met in December 2019, the band members were forced to postpone their reunion tour until May 2022, hoping that at that point the situation will improve with the global pandemic.

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