Follow the steps below to get a best car deals

Congratulations – you’re about to get a new bike! Let’s assume you’ve done some research: you know how much you can afford, which car you want to buy, and the real market value of that car in your area (how much others will pay).

Now you’re ready to buy. Follow the steps below to get a best car deals and make the car purchase process as painless as possible at the dealer.

Before you leave home

Arrange financing ahead of time to make negotiation easier and help you get best car deals.

Check your credit score. If you need to build your credit, consider waiting until your score will allow you to get acceptable financing terms.

If it looks good, apply for a pre approved or pre qualified car loan.

Choose the best interest rate and the shortest loan term you can handle.

Consider calling the dealer to confirm that the car is still on sale.

If you call him, screen him / her first: does he / she listen carefully and appear knowledgeable?

Decide if you need additional services, such as extended warranty, paint protection or additional anti-theft devices. Remember, these are high profit items, dealers and you can always buy them later.

Put these projects together

Think ahead and prepare the right documents and information. With you:

from , Kelley Blue Book or Nada, the real market price of the National Association of automobile dealers.

Information about incentives, kickbacks or special financing transactions.

Insurance certificate and down payment check (target is 20% new cars, 10% used cars).

If you want to change: car ownership or loan documents and extra keys.

Snacks and water in case the deal takes too long.

Arrive at the dealership

The salesperson will welcome you and urge you to have a test drive. After that, be prepared to take on more pressure and start negotiations.

Evaluate the car, but also evaluate the sales staff.

Shop assistant: are you listening to your needs? Knowledgeable? Relaxed but efficient?

If asked, don’t agree to the credit check before the test drive. Suppose you have pre approved a loan.

Avoid saying what you want. You say, “I’m a cash buyer.”

In the test drive

The test drive will provide you with the sensory information you need to decide if this is the right car for you. Don’t rush this step, and don’t let the salesperson distract you with endless sales talk.

Tell the salesperson that you need a test drive for at least 15 minutes.

Driving on narrow curves, hills, rugged sidewalks and expressways.

Turn off the radio and pay attention to acceleration, braking, visibility and seat comfort.

Check cargo hold and rear seat leg space.

If you don’t like your salesperson, ask to see the sales manager or leave directly.

If you haven’t decided to buy the car, don’t be forced to.

Negotiation price

If you like this car and your sales staff, it’s time to make a best car deals in the sales office. Try to stay calm and be ready to leave if you feel pressure or the price is inconsistent with your research.

Let the salesperson say a price, instead of the same answer: “give me a price!”

Compare the dealer’s price with the price you get from Edmunds, Kelley Blue Book or Nada.

Please make a counter-offer below the real market price of $1000.

You can say, “my research shows that the market price is…” Or, “I get lower offers from other dealers.”

If necessary, increase your offer by $250 until you reach the real market price.

If the clerk says, “I’m going to take this to my boss.” Tell them your time is limited.

If you have too much time to go back and forth, you can tell the sales manager directly.

Close the deal

Before you answer “yes”, you need to ask a few questions to make sure you know what you agree with.

Ask for a “go out” price and cost breakdown.

Query fee (except business tax, document fee and registration fee).

Ask the dealer to remove any unwanted options installed by the dealer, such as alerts.

Use your mobile phone to take a picture of the transaction order for use in the next step.

In the finance office

You haven’t finished yet! Now you will be handed over to the finance and insurance manager, who will sell the guarantee and the extra charge. Verify the terms of your contract with your salesperson.

Reject extra things that you may not need, such as fabric and paint protection.

You can say, “I might replace my car before it’s out of warranty.”

If the finance manager provides more than your pre approved loan interest rate, fill in the credit application.

To facilitate the comparison of loan quotations, keep the down payment and loan term the same.

Ensure that the figures in the sales contract are consistent with the agreed price.

Check the prices in all the boxes and ask for anything unexpected.

If something in the car is missing or needs to be repaired, write it down.

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