Financial budgeting for contingencies

There are many difficult health situations that can lead to negative financial consequences and significant damage to the family budget. We cannot foresee all scenarios for the development of events in life, but we can prepare and create a financial safety cushion. Consider what unplanned situations you should prepare for in advance.

Emergency medical assistance

Long-term treatment can negatively affect the family budget: medical care and the purchase of drugs require a lot of money. The situation when the illness of one of the family members is prolonged and the temporary disability is no longer covered by the sick leave can significantly reduce the total family income. 

It is important to take care of these situations in advance. Accident insurance, life insurance, insurance against critical illnesses (cancer, heart attack, stroke, etc.) can be an assistant in protecting your family budget. They will allow you to pay for treatment in a good clinic and not be left without money for the recovery period.

Leaving life

The departure of a loved one often not only becomes a blow to his loved ones but can also significantly deplete his family’s budget. In such situations, life insurance will help provide financial protection for loved ones and protect them from the troubles associated with the loss of a breadwinner. Insurance is ideal for those on whom loved ones are financially dependent.

Natural phenomena

Devastating weather events can occur regardless of the region of residence. A life or accident insurance policy can financially protect you from the consequences of such events and support you in difficult times. It usually takes a lot of money to recover from the effects of the disasters, to provide quality treatment, and to pay for basic costs. Consult with MetLife specialists and find the right protection for yourself.

Financial budget planning

Unforeseen situations occur at the most inopportune moment, so it is important to devote time to family budgeting.

  • Identify possible risks. Create a list of potential threats.
  • If a critical situation arises, it, first of all, affects the most important aspects of life. Consider how you can minimize losses.
  • Prioritize. There are many potential risks, so it is important to identify the most significant ones for you and your family. Try to find a reasonable balance between the most likely risks and those that may never occur.
  • Follow your plan. With the onset of an unforeseen situation, people become nervous and may deviate from the planned action plan. For example, if you are injured and you have insurance, it is important to report the accident to your insurance company immediately. You can learn more about what to do in the event of an accident in this article.

Accident insurance will help you financially protect yourself and your loved ones in the event of a health hazardous situation. The MetLife program “Life Sputnik” will allow you to take a comprehensive approach to protect your health, to find a reasonable balance between your goals to protect against risks and costs. The program has many advantages, both in terms of a set of insurance risks and payment methods. Among the interesting options are, for example, getting advice about serious diseases in leading Russian and international clinics. You can find out more about the conditions on the page of the “Life Partner” program. 

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