Saturday, December 4th, 2021

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Delayed Two Weeks To Ensure ‘Solidness’

Initially wanted to come out in the not so distant future, Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, the Square Enix MMORPGs greatest development to-date, will rather show up a couple weeks after the fact on December 7. That is on the grounds that chief Naoki Yoshida and the remainder of the advancement group need to dispatch the new substance without breaking the game.

Yoshida, a 17-year veteran of Square Enix, wrote in the declaration that this is the initial time hes at any point delayed anything that previously had a delivery date, yet that it was important given how aspiring Endwalker is.

[W]e remained immovably set out to change down to the littlest subtleties and guarantee our composing covers even the best places of the immense and mind boggling story that has spread over these beyond a long time since the first FFXIV to guarantee that everybody can completely partake in their experience in Endwalker, he composed. Tragically, the outcome of this was that we wound up in a circumstance where we cut into the time needed for final quality confirmation checks because of this time spent on extra enhancements.

Going on like this, there was a greater danger of us arriving at the delivery date without guaranteeing solidness as one type of value, and hence, I have chosen to defer the delivery as of now. As we additionally expect a lot of blockage across every game World, I felt that even in this regard it wouldnt be ideal for us to deliver the development while lacking sufficient solidness. I’m genuinely grieved.

Its an amazingly minor postponement, however Yoshida was profoundly conciliatory in any case, in any event, seeming to get heartbroken during a livestream breaking the news.

Square Enix additionally reviewed a greater amount of whats coming in Endwalker and the games resulting patches in the most recent multi-hour Live Letter. Heres the new timetable of impending substance:

December 3 – Patch 6.0 and Endwalker Early Access go live.

December 7 – Endwalker formally dispatches.

December 21 – Patch 6.01 and another Pandaemonium assault go live.

January 4 – Patch 6.05 deliveries close by new stuff, Allagan Tomestones, and the savage variant of the Pandaemonium attack.

Yoshida likewise uncovered new Viera hairdos, changes to asset assembling and creating, and a redesignd spearfishing small game. Players won’t need to really time their cuts to spear fish. Furthermore more job journeys are coming.

FFXIV initially turned out in 2010 and was a finished calamity. Square Enix kept at it however and after three years dispatched a rebooted adaptation of the game called A Realm Reborn. Many patches and three significant developments later, the game has turned into the companys most productive Final Fantasy of all time. Endwalker is the perfection of that decade in addition to travel. I think fans can sit tight a couple of extra weeks for it.

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