Fans marvel at Robert Pattinson’s ‘perfect’ Batman voice

Fans who have now heard Robert Pattinson’s voice for Batman ahead of the next film – inventively titled The Batman – can’t believe their ears, many are saying that Twilight and Harry Potter the actor broke him completely. Check it out – and the first trailer – below.

In a very short promotional clip ahead of the trailer’s release at the DC FanDome on October 16, Pattinson can be heard saying, “It’s not just a signal, it’s a warning. “


He speaks clearly about the Bat sign and how he signals Batman, but also warns criminals that the Caped Crusader is coming.

Either way, it’s not what has garnered so much attention, it’s the fact that Pattinson has finally unleashed his Batman voice.

We all know his way of speaking, it’s low and gruff, but also a little threatening.

Well, if you’re a criminal, anyway.

Christian Bale has a bit of a stick for his suave tones in The Dark Knight trilogy, but Pattinson has received plenty of praise for his efforts.

One person was moved to tweet, “The movie hasn’t been released yet but Robert Pattinson is my favorite Batman, his Batman voice is PERFECT. “

Another said: “Robert Pattinson absolutely nailed Batman’s voice. “


Excitement is already building ahead of the DC FanDome event this weekend, with trailers expected for The Batman , as well as Black Adam and The Flash .

Pattinson has spoken about his decision-making process regarding “the voice of Batman” in the past, explaining how he took inspiration from another actor and a possibly unlikely movie.

If you’ve ever seen The Lighthouse , the black and white thriller about two lighthouse keepers who go mad when they are stranded on an island during a storm, you’ll know that Pattinson starred alongside Willem Dafoe in the film. .

Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe in The Lighthouse.  Credit: A24
Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe in The Lighthouse. Credit: A24

Well, he decided to take a little inspiration from his boyfriend and use a similar voice.

He explained, “Willem’s voice in this was inspiring enough for that, to be honest… it’s pretty similar, the voice I’m going to do, to Willem’s. “

Fair enough, it’s a pretty decent voice, and it works just as well for Batman.

Still, fans will have some time to wait until we can see the full effect of Pattinson’s turn as the defender of Gotham City, as the film itself won’t be released until March 4, 2022.

It is certainly worth the wait, given the caliber of talent involved in the project.

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