Factory Assembled Cooling Tower Manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers in Mumbai, Bangalore from India

Factory Assembled Cooling Tower Manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad India, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Uganda. Being a client-centric​organization, we are offering our clients an extensive array of Factory Assembled Cooling Tower. These cooling towers are used for industrial and HVAC applications in cases where no high cooling efficiency is required and no large area is available. The factory assembled cooling tower solutions are always created based on specific customer needs, and they are tested by a quality control team with required parameters, local conditions, water quality, and other specific conditions at the installation site.

Key Features

  1. Easy and fast transport
  2. Easy to installation
  3. used quality approved materials and components
  4. total cooling efficiency
  5. operation and maintenance economy
  6. noise elimination
  7. reduction of environmental impact



  1. petrochemical industry
  2. chemical industry
  3. engineering industry and metallurgy
  4. mining industry
  5. plastic and rubber industry
  6. paper industry

About Us:

We made a small beginning in the year 2000 at Pune. The first few years were of constant struggle to establish ”AQUACOOL” brand in the market, as other brands were already established for years. Since inception, we are observing a total commitment to rigid quality control at each stage of production and as a result our cooling tower meet the exact standard of leading cooling tower consumers i.e. Multinational Companies, Corporate Houses and Govt. Bodies. In the field of cooling towers ”AQUACOOL” is a trusted brand. After about two decades ”AQUACOOL” has more than 3000 successful installations in India and abroad. All the components required in the cooling towers (except Gear & Motor) are manufactured in house with technical back up and tie up like IIT Powai from Mumbai.

Contact US:

Company name: Siddhant Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

Contact Person: Mr. Parag Jain (C.E.O.)

Mobile No: +91 – 9822322761


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