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Eat and be eaten: Think you can survive in

When it first debuted in 2015, became an unanticipated internet success, spawning an entire genre of “IO Games” with its signature low-res graphics and free-for-all gameplay. Although has largely surpassed in terms of popularity, the game retains a core fanbase that has remained loyal for more than a half-decade. Whether you want to play the game again for nostalgia’s sake or for the first time, be aware that you’ll be up against cell-devouring veterans who will physically and figuratively chew you up and spit you out.

We’ve gathered all of the techniques you’ll need to get started and master

Getting started

If you prefer touchscreens to a mouse and keyboard, you can play for free in your browser or download the app for iOS or Android.

While you can play online as a guest, the game encourages you to sign in with Facebook or Google to gain access to saved progress, a greater starting mass, daily quests, free coins each hour for the shop, presents, leaderboards, and special skins.

You don’t need any of them if you just want to jump right in for a few rounds and don’t worry about storing your statistics. Even if you don’t have any benefits, you can still climb to the top of the leaderboard. You’re already at a disadvantage, and you won’t gain any in-game credit for playing well.

Enter your name (or any name) before pressing Play, and it will appear in the middle of your cell when the game begins. You can also give your cell a distinctive skin or appearance by entering certain names. Entering your name as “Earth” for example will make your cell seem like the globe, “France” will add French flag colorings, and certain politician names will paste their face onto your cell. This site has an up-to-date list of all the free skins that are currently available.

If you win with a default skin name, your leaderboard climbs will blend in with those of the other players who have chosen a different name. You’ll need to create an account to draw your own skin pattern — or earn coins to buy premium patterns in the Store — if you don’t want to be stuck with a boring monochrome cell.

Choose your mode

Free-for-all (FFA), Battle Royale, Teams, Experimental, and Party Mode are the five-game modes available. In the latter mode, you can completely avoid outsiders and create a private server for you and your buddies.

Because FFA is an infinite game, you can never win. You can climb to the top of the in-game scoreboard, but you’ll eventually be overtaken, eaten, and forced to restart. It’s a good place to start as you learn how to use the controls. Unfortunately, it’s not always completely free-for-all, since players from specific countries or clans will band together and feed each other, preventing you from catching up on your own.

Battle Royale, like most battle royale games, features a contracting safe zone and begins when a certain number of players enter the lobby. Unlike FFA, where you always start as the smallest cell, everyone starts on an equal footing, and the diminishing safe zone keeps games to under five minutes each.

By putting everyone on different sides, teams avoid the problem of informally affiliated players. You’ll form teams with strangers, and the best of them will outsmart their opponents. Experimental, on the other hand, is where game designers introduce amusing rule tweaks that alter the gameplay from the primary modes. It’s a pleasant change of pace, but there are usually fewer players on each server.

Controlling your cell

The controls for are straightforward after you’ve entered the game:

  • To move your blob, use the mouse. Your cell will travel toward your mouse cursor automatically.
  • Split your cell or cells in half by pressing the Space Bar.
  • To discharge bulk, press W.

You start off as a little cell in the middle of a vast expanse. Your cell will automatically migrate toward your mouse pointer or taps when you move your mouse around or tap on your screen. There are tiny colored pellets strewn over the playing area. When your cell comes into contact with pellets, it will consume them and expand. You can also improve your score by eating pellets. is also a multiplayer game, so as you wander around, you’ll come across other players. If you collide with lesser character cells, they will be absorbed into your bulk; but, if you collide with a larger cell, you will have to restart the game. Avoid cells that appear to be just smaller than you, as they must be 90 percent of your size or smaller to be consumable.

You’ll climb the leaderboard as you consume more and get larger, but you’ll move more slowly, making it more difficult to catch weak, smaller individuals. You can try to trap them against the map’s edge or between two large cells, but you’ll need to utilize more advanced strategies for the greatest results.

Strategic splitting and ejecting

If you spend too much time as a giant bubble, other players may grow into even greater behemoths while you’re too sluggish to catch them. Players in divide themselves in half by pressing the Space key. While it makes you more vulnerable to large opponents, it also makes it easier to grab smaller prey or quickly collect errant pellets. Your bubbles will move in synchrony once you’ve been divided, and after a minute or so, they’ll recombine into one unit.

Another option is to press W to discharge a smaller mass pellet. Unlike the space bar, which instantly splits you in half, the pellet will not take away too much of your bulk while still being helpful. You’ll be able to catch up to your prey more readily if you’re smaller, lingering tantalizingly just out of reach. Just be careful not to provide pellets to other players, who will eat them and expand in size while you lose mass.

The eject option is also useful for a last-minute getaway. If you sense you’re about to be devoured, you can lose some weight to gain some speed, luring your hunter away to eat the free pellets while you live to eat pellets another day. It is also the exclusive means of communication. Hello, thanks, or “let’s collaborate” can all be expressed by shooting a pellet.

Avoid viruses and microtransactions

Viruses look as enormous spike-encrusted green blobs that hover around the play area without moving. You can eat them, but it’s probably not a good idea. You might think that consuming them will make you grow a lot bigger, but the virus operates by dividing cells into smaller ones. Small cells are more sensitive to adversaries, and maintaining track of a large number of small cells is much more difficult. Viruses threaten large cells, but they appear to provide a safe haven for smaller ones. If a huge cell is pursuing you, hide behind the virus until the threat has passed. Large cells do not want to risk splitting, especially if other players are around who could consume them.

Don’t buy custom boots or skins because you only get 7,000 coins for $10, which is only enough to buy one skin. Instead, play the game to win coins. Purchase the skins you want and use them as a prize for defeating your opponents.

Take on the world

The overall gameplay has remained the same, with the exception of the unique modes and pay-to-win enhancements. The modifications aren’t required. is a game that breaks down fundamental competition features. Eating another player is a lot of joy. Death is quick, but resurrecting is simple. You’ll enjoy the game while working on your reflexes.

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