Drupal 9 Upgrade: Top 6 Facts That You Need To Know

Drupal has evolved as a constantly upgrading CMS platform available for users. With each update, the platform provides developers with more flexibility in terms of use, and existing bugs have been eliminated. With this perspective in mind, the Drupal 9 upgrade was released on 3rd June 2020. 

However, the upgrade isn’t solely about fixing minor errors or including additional features. Its use extends beyond that. Now, if you are a web developer willing to learn the nuances of Drupal 9 upgrade or a business owner willing to upgrade their website with Drupal 9, you must acquaint yourself with these important facts. 

Drupal 9 Upgrade Facts that you Must Know

  • Code Cleanup 

Ideally, a minor Drupal software upgrade is done every 6 months. In every upgrade, there are multiple features added to the already existing web framework (Drupal). However, the bulk of codes added with every release might cause code deprecation. The Drupal 9 Beta upgrade provides opportunities wherein it is possible to remove the deprecated code along with any redundant codes available. 

  • Quick upgrade from Drupal 8 to 9

As the developers say, upgrading your CMS platform from the Drupal 8 version to the Drupal 9 will be a piece of cake. It will be just like the minor upgrade wherein you don’t have to perform any major operations. The only thing you should consider while moving to Drupal 9 is managing the deprecated code wisely. 

In case you have maintained the Drupal 8 version well and kept it up to date, you will be able to upgrade to Drupal 9 rather quickly. Moreover, reports say this upgrade is even easier than switching from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 version. 

  • Headless CMS capability 

This feature provides you with several features, as mentioned below – 

  • COPE (Create once and Publish everywhere)
  • Simple resourcing 
  • API-first approach 
  • Front end freedom to users. 

You will find the upgrade to Drupal 9 more scalable, flexible, accessible, and usable. 

  • Drupal 9 is Backward compatible 

Drupal 9 Backward compatibility ensures that the existing plugins or modules created with Drupal 8 function well with the new version as well. Developers can also use the created configurations and data with this newly released version. 

  • Switching to Drupal 9 means quick access to support 

With the release of the Drupal 9 version update, you will have quick access to support. Since earlier versions are now outdated, there are low chances of round the clock support. If you switch to Drupal 9, you should be able to find the Drupal web development solutions quickly at your pace. 

  • Quick and improved performance 

When you switch your Drupal content management software from version 8 to version 9, you will have an improved performance experience with developing websites. The new upgrade ensures developers get the necessary support for developing a fully immersive website featuring responsive and fitting images. 

Web developers will be capable of developing websites with improved performance. The websites built with the Drupal 9 version are sure to have blazing fast performance. Therefore, switching to this latest CMS version is a must consideration for developers if they wish to save time, and have more flexibility. 

Moreover, the latest version update to Drupal 9 encourages developers to remove deprecated codes quickly and easily. The removal of deprecated code, however, isn’t possible without hiring a skilled web developer. You should look for assistance in this regard if you are planning to upgrade your CMS platform to Drupal 9 beta version. 

Mentioned above are a few pointers that you must know before considering an upgrade. This will impart the right knowledge if or not your decision regarding the update is correct. In this aspect, contacting a professional web development team is an added advantage. 

You should research well and then hire a web development agency for the work. Auxesis Infotech is one such web development company that provides users with Drupal solutionS.  They will walk you through the entire upgrade process without any hitches. 

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