Drag Race UK’s A’Whora responds to black fishing allegations

October 14, 2021, 12:51



“I have a tan, no it’s not injections, no it’s not a product, neither is it me trying to change my skin color or appropriate another race. “

RuPaul Drag Race UK ‘s A’Whora responded to the fishing charges against her in an Instagram post following a backlash.

A’Whora, who competed in Drag Racing UK season 2 , recently shared a photo of herself at an event with her boyfriend on Instagram, and soon people were commenting on her deep tan. Some have accused her of black fishing, which is when people manipulate the color of their skin or facial features in order to appear black or racially ambiguous.

A’Whora has now addressed the backlash on her Instagram Stories and explained that her tan is the result of a recent trip overseas. “I’m not allowed to talk about where I’ve been because of an NDA and contract, but because I filmed for three weeks in another country outside all day every day in a heat of more than 32 degrees, yes, I have a tan, no that is not injections, no it is not a product, it is not me who tries to change the color of my skin or appropriate another race, ”she wrote.

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Drag Race UK's A'Whora addresses the allegations of black fishing.


Drag Race UK’s A’Whora addresses the allegations of black fishing. Photo: Kate Green / Getty Images,

“I can’t control that and yes you can all keep pestering me about using SPF and some sunscreen products, but due to my skin containing (psoriasis) before I filmed the show, I was not able to use certain products on my skin in order for it to heal. “

She added: “I don’t feel the need to have to explain myself, but I’m tired of everyone picking me up at any opportunity to try and tear me down without even giving me a chance, I’m tired of having to feel like a terrible person every day because you just choose not to like me for something you saw on tv or online! However, I am a person and have a life beyond anything you would expect me to talk about. “

A’Whora then shared images of her psoriasis, which is a skin condition that causes red, scaly patches to appear on the skin. There is no cure for psoriasis, but treatments to improve the symptoms and appearance of skin spots are available. A’Whora revealed that she uses the hospital’s “specialized medical beds” to balance her coloring and help with healing.

A'Whora Instagram Stories


A’Whora Instagram Stories. Photo: @awhora via Instagram

“I’m not going to talk about it anymore because I would never do the things that I am accused of, my skin is something that I just wish it was clear and allows me to feel comfortable on stage, with my partner, when shooting and trusting the airbrush, like it’s my personal thing and taking it out of context without anyone knowing that my situation is breaking me down, ”A’Whora explained.

“I can handle your constant hatred and negativity towards me, but commenting on my appearance from my face to my skin just becomes too much for me to handle 24/7. “

A'Whora Instagram Stories


A’Whora Instagram Stories. Photo: @awhora via Instagram

A’Whora then shared screenshots of people commenting on her tanning and cosmetic procedures on Twitter. The trolling had gotten so bad that A’Whora actually turned off his comments on the image that triggered the backlash.

She continued, “I got off Twitter for a reason and yet you keep attacking me every day, many times I delete comments on ‘What did you do to your face’ and what. point i’m so ‘damn ugly’ but it gets to a point where it just has to stop so today for the first time in my life yes i have the comments off and now that’s what do I get by trying to protect myself and my own mental well-being? Honestly, I give up.

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