Friday, December 3rd, 2021

Does AWS (Amazon Web Services) Have a Future?

Cloud computing will be the future and the way to store all the data in the current world. Conveniently opens your application in different regions around the world with just a few clicks. As a result, the customer can experience lower latency and lower cost. Cloud computing is the best way to store and access all user data. When it comes to cloud computing, “Amazon Web Services (AWS)” is the popular cloud services platform, and AWS is used by many organizations and individuals all over the world. AWS is ubiquitous in the world and offers more than 100 services. In various variants, AWS supports a highly secure, scalable, and low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud. AWS has a variety of big data analytics and application services. AWS has the potential to be the age that defines a cloud service provider. It also attracts the attention and expectations of cloud consumers/providers. People are willing to collaborate with AWS because of the center of attraction built around it.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the popular cloud services platform. AWS has placed many data centers all over the world and especially in North America, so performance will be good when compared to Azure service. Amazon Web Service is the leading cloud service in the current market. Services offered by AWS are storage, database, migration, networking and content delivery, developer tools, management tools, media services, machine learning, analytics, security, identity and compliance, augmented and virtual reality, application integration, customer engagement, business productivity, surface Office and Application Flow, Internet of Things, Game Development, Low Cost and Handle Global Infrastructure Management. Easy-to-use, flexible, cost-effective, reliable, high-performance, safe future.

The future of AWS (Amazon Web Service) is bright. Many companies (Adobe, Airbnb, Alcatel-Lucent, AOL, Acquia, AdRoll, AEG, Alert Logic, Autodesk, Bitdefender, BMW, British Gas, Canon, Capital One, Channel 4, Chef, Citrix, Coinbase, Comcast, Coursera , Docker, Dow Jones, European Space Agency, Financial Times, FINRA, General Electric, GoSquared, Guardian News & Media, etc.) use AWS cloud in their organization as they offer many services to their clients. So, on demand, it’s a good time to do a certificate course in cloud computing. A candidate who has graduated in Bachelor of Engineering (BEng/BE), Master of Computer Science (MCS), Bachelor of Science (BS/BSc) is eligible to undertake this AWS certification course. For the entry level, the candidate must complete an ACSA (AWS Certified Solution Architect) certification course and the duration of this course is 40 hours. AWS certification must be renewed every two years.


For 0-5 years experience, the salary will be 699000

5-10 years experience, the salary will be 1389000

10-20 years experience, the will be 1874000

20 years experience the or more the salary will be 2,500000


Salary offered by companies for AWS is given below,

Cognizant technology-RS 407 – 934K

Tata consultancy Services-Rs 423-455K

Infosys-Rs 384 – 413K

Accenture – Rs 678 – 723 K

Wipro – RS 520 – 562 K

HCL Technologies – Rs 581 – 691K


Demand for AWS for past 3 years in India

From 14 June -20 June 2015 – 35%

26 June-25 July 2016 -59%

15 June -24 June 2017 – 78%

1 July-7 July-94%

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